Frank the Farmhand Part 1 Frank the Farmhand Part 1
Made by: FovArt
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Funny dialogue
Decent music
Pretty easy puzzles
Slow walking speed

Ah the life of being a farm boy is never easy. With his father always nagging him about school and that he should be working more on the farm, Frank is not going to be deterred. Soon though, he is thrust into a tale of mystery, secrecy, and agents in black suits. Okay now that the cliché introduction is over, taking on the role of Frank you have much to discover in Frank the Farmhand Part 1.

The story of our poor farm boy starts out normal enough, with another heckling by his father. Soon though Frank arrives at school to witness his best friend being insulted by a group, and that his favorite class has been canceled! Soon though, he discovers that his friend Ben has been accused of murdering the professor of physics and it all just balloons from there. Now Frank has to find out what happened to the professor, and why the feds are indeed at his school.

In terms of the story of the game, it is done very nicely I thought. Different events that transpire in the game, as well the story of finding the professor and discovering the other mysteries in the game is written nicely. Dialogue as well between characters is done nicely and some of it is quite humorous others not so much and some of it is offensive so beware.

Concerning puzzles in the game I found they were not too huge of a challenge, a little too easy for my tastes, but granted that is not too bad of a thing. The walking speed though was a little unbearable as it is really too slow and with no way to skip ahead and having to sit and wait it can get annoying. There is a fair amount of areas to visit and see in the game, not a whole lot but still enough to investigate and explore.

This was an amusing adventure game but it felt short I thought and it could have used a bit of polish here and there, but still a nice game to play. So check out Frank the Farmhand Part 1.

Review by: DeathDude

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