Frank Cook 2042 Private Detective Frank Cook 2042 Private Detective
Made by: Astral Entertainment
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Interesting environments
Quick pick up and play
Many lives
Somewhat loose controls
Short game

When the time is right, When a hero is needed in times of crisis, You know what you do? You Get Frank Cook, a private detective to solve your problems. Oh yeah well, he technically lived in the 1950's. A minor detail of course. Still they brought him to 2042 to solve a big crime. A really big crime that, well, it seems the police and detectives of 2042 cannot solve. In Frank Cook 2042 Private Detective, you take on this crafty detective using your skills or shooting, tasering, and investigation. Well Frank is more the type to shoot first and ask questions later, guess it worked back in the day. On your journeys you shall see some interesting environments, different challenges, and it's easy to start playing right away so you can start solving the problem at hand.

The story is, well shall we say "interesting".  It's kind of really well out there in terms of what's going on, but let's just summarize that Frank has to stop a plot that involves a sun blocking device. Therefore, you have to go forth and stop this plot from going ahead, and of course save the world in the process! As always with most enemies having a global presence and able to take over the world, amazing sometimes isn't it?

Firstly, with this game you can choose between the three levels that you can explore. It is best to play them from chronological order but you do not have to. Each level has it is own set of challenges, but the main goal is to get to the next part of the level. You may have to activate a switch or defeat all your enemies, or destroy a killer blue robot. Yes you read that right, a killer blue robot.  So whichever the challenge, you have your work cut out for you. The great thing about this game is that you do not have to remember many controls. Directional keys to move shift to use your taser control to use your gun, and space bar to jump. You only have a limited amount of bullets with your gun, so you have to collect ammo boxes to get more. You can jump right in and start blasting away and of course think of a plan of action to beat a certain section. Due to the high danger of such levels, you have a fair amount of lives to beat the sections, so it is not so hard that when you die, it is all over. You have your chances.

The controls though are somewhat loose and I mean in terms of movement mostly. Sometimes with jumping, you may jump too far or too short or right when you need to; it could have been a bit smoother I thought. As well, the game consists of three levels; each three sections long so once you beat those it really is not too big of a game. It's fun for that time but after that not so much.

Still this was an interesting game and it had its fun moments, so if your looking for a quick pick up and play game this one shall do the trick. It's called Frank Cook 2042 Private Detective, give it a try.


Review by: DeathDude

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