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Fun game
It gets boring soon
Not much diversity

When I first started playing this game, I didn't set my hopes very high.
Why? Well because I've played Liero, TapanKaikki and Molez. That's why. I loved those games and so far no other game of the same genre has made me love it as much. Sadly, Fox Battle is no exception.

So, what's the whole game about? A simple level with a top-down view and two "things" that are apparently called foxes, although I couldn't see a fox in either one of them (they're identical except for their colour) and people usually say my imagination is of wondrous proportions (I'm not sure if this is a good thing though). Maybe the word "fox" stands for an acronym of some sort?

The main goal in the game is to destroy your opponent. For doing this, the game offers only four levels, which all use the same dull, grey background (well there is the occasional ice field in which you can slide but it's only present in one or two levels) and same dull grey blocks which act like walls. I don't want to sound utterly harsh but seriously.. If some more imagination and work were poured into this game, it might have been quite nice and entertaining. But as one must remember, graphics are not everything. Sadly, it's not just the graphics..

Even music-wise the game fails to impress me. It has 2 or 3 different music tracks and it plays always the same one for the main menu and the same music for the levels (yeah, it's one track for all the levels together, instead of one track per level). The music is fairly good and you may want to listen to it for a while but then it gets boring. I recommend having your favourite song playing on Foobar or Winamp while playing Fox Battle if you want to enjoy music. Luckily there's an option to turn of in-game music, so it shouldn't be hard to do so.

You can play Fox Battle in two different game modes: Regular and Tag. In regular game mode you move around the level, trying to collect powerups and destroy your opponent by shooting him/her until his/her green energy bar gets depleted and the opponent is engulfed in a nice looking little explosion.
Powerups are simple balls which flash in various colours, flying around the level quite randomly. Each powerup looks the same but gives you different things, like for example a spray of bullets instead of the dull machinegun -type line of bullets which is used by default. Scattered around the levels are also hazards, like mines and flying red balls. If you hit these you loose energy. It's as simple as that. There are also vortexes in the game. Move into one and you come out of another, on some other part of the map.

In Tag mode the objective is to destroy your opponent (duh). This time it's done a bit differently. The basic colour for the two players in the game are Blue and Red. In tag mode one of the two players starts with a yellow colour, meaning he or she is tagged. This player must then hit the other player, changing his/her colour to yellow. This way the other player gets tagged and the player who started yellow gets his/her own colour back. The tagged player (yellow) gets destroyed when the round timer reaches zero. You can se the time for each Tag round when you start one (the number represents seconds).

All in all, quite nondescript (and non-existant) graphics, basic gamemodes and just a couple of music tracks really won't impress the casual gamer. This game also lacks a certain "kick" to it, if you know what I mean. It might be fun, if you're at the age (or mental stage) of 10 and maybe have a friend with you. You'll enjoy it for a few minutes perhaps but I don't think for any longer than that. And yes, you really need a friend to get anything out of this, since there is no option to play against a computer controlled opponent.
Oh, and the creatures can even get stuck at times. Luckily the creators gave you an option of random teleporting. Just press and hold the delete key and then press the player's number (1 or 2) and he/she will get teleported to a random position on the map.

All in all I'd give this game a 2, and that's for the work it took. Also the music isn't that bad compared to many other titles, and atleast you might have some 3minute fun with a friend (you'll always win if you play against yourself). If you're a great fan of the top-down shooter genre, and feel the urge to always add to your experience.. Well, it's your choice.

Review by: Aramatheus

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