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Brilliant gameplay
Cool graphics
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Too long for coffee-breaks
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This game rocketed up to the top of my "coffee-break games" list. Very entertaining and fun, and doesn't need a lot of time to learn how to play.

The island of Sheylan is in danger. No, no UFO attack, no terrorists, and no evil genius or anything like that. This time, the enemy is hunger...

You are a member of a WFP team dispatched to Sheylan, a small island near India. The island is in great danger: drought, diseases and civil war raging through the country. Your task is to help the people by delivering them food and to help re-establish the economy and infrastructure. This job is not as easy as it seems.

The game consists of 6 missions, each requires different skills. These are the steps that needs to be taken in order to save the people.

The first mission is air surveillance. You must fly through the area with a helicopter, and count the people. You only have 2 minutes, and the map is quite big. The more people you find, the more points you get. This one needs reflexes and speed. This is also the easiest mission in the game.

The second mission is nutrition. Sounds boring? Well, it's not! The task is to assemble an "energy pack" to feed the people. You have to balance the five ingredients and stay whitin the budget to get the correct diet. You have 2 minutes for this one too. The more filling the diet, the more points you get. This one needs some logic and strategy.

The third mission is airdrop. You have to get your freshly assembled energy-packs to the people now. You take off aboard a big cargo plane, and you have to coordinate the drops. This mission is the hardest.
First, when the green light comes on, you have to press the mouse button in less than a second. Then you have five seconds to align the package against the wind direction and drop it. You have 10 packages to drop. The more accurate the drop, the more points you get. This mission requires some serious reflexes and timing.

The fourth mission is getting supplies. This one is quite easy if you played any business/manager games before, but shouldn't be hard for anybody else. You are presented with a world map, and a 6x3 box. Supply offers will start to appear on the screen from around the world, each filling some place on your board. You have to complete the board like a jigsaw puzzle, but keep the costs at a minimum. You have 2 minutes to complete the mission. The less the cost and the transporting time, the more points you get. This needs some business skills and logic.

The fifth mission is ground transportation. Now you have to deliver your freshly acquired supplies to the people in need. You drive the leading truck, and you have to get the food to the village ASAP. This would be too easy, huh? Well, you will encounter a series of problems and tough decisions along the way, like flat tires, rebel blockades, minefields, missing bridges and some rough terrain. You have to solve the problems very quickly and drive like Colin McRea to get the most points.

The last mission is future planning. Personally, I like this one the most. You'll get a bird's-eye view of the village with five sections, and a ton of your freshly delivered WFP food bags. You have to distribute the food bags to these sections. You have a 10 year timeline, each year lasts for 30 seconds. At first, you have some bags available that you need to drag-and-drop to an area of your choice. The more bags you drop in an area, the more it will develop in that year. Every year, more bags become available. Your task is to make the village self-supporting in ten years. The more the sections developed when you reach year 10, the more points you get. This mission requires strategy and planning.

When you've completed the game, you get an option to upload your scores to the online scoreboard, and see how well you've played. If you are not pleased with your scores, you can play the whole game or single missions again, to improve your standing.

The graphics are quite cool. The characters and places are well drawn and the missions are brilliantly designed. The game menu, the mission briefings and the missions are made with some 3D designer, but made absolutely great. The characters are very well drawn, but are a bit static for me. The voice acting is the best in this category. The character's mouth moves completely according to the voice! It makes the briefing movies seem very realistic. (This is a detail, that many top PC-game companies neglect in their game designs, but it adds a huge boost to the realism.) The game menu and the effects in the game are very professional looking, and make a good atmosphere. After you complete a mission, you get a movie that explains what you just did in that mission and what WFP does in real life. These movies contain real news snippets, clips from the WFP archives and some good narration. Very entertaining and high in educational value. If you are interested in how the UN's aid programme works, here's your big chance! If not, you aren't forced to watch, you can skip the movies at your own will.

The controls are easy: Mouse. That's all.

All in all, Food Force is the best coffee-brake game I've ever seen in a long time. I've seen a couple of educational games already, and I can say, this is the best. The others have laughably dumb and overly cartoonish graphics, and are too easy and utterly stupid and have childish gameplay, like learning is only for the 4 year olds. This game, though, is for all ages. Cool graphics, brilliant and very entertaining gameplay, everybody will find something in it to enjoy, challenging missions that will test all your basic skills, and you can compete with your friends or the online scoreboard too. Definitely a must for everyone who wants to play a great game, or have nothing to do on a boring Sunday afternoon. Download & Enjoy!

Review by: Playbahnosh

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