FleaFall Champion FleaFall Champion
Made by: FleaFall
Website: http://www.fleafall.com/index
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Interesting concept
Pretty good music
Interesting areas
Akward controls at first

What we see in Fleafall Champion is a unique concept which takes as its inspiration one of nature's somewhat notorious insects; the flea. That's right, a jumping, hopping, sticking flea is the star of this game. Your objective will not be easy, as you compete against other fleas to obtain the title of champion flea (or something along those lines). With an interesting premise for this game, some great music and sound effects and a nice all-around presentation to top it off, this is definitely something you should check out.

The objective in this game, in which you compete against four other fleas, is to be the flea that collects as many of the shining orbs as possible. As each level begins, the orb position is randomly chosen and that is when you leap into action. Using your flea's jumping prowess you try to be the first one to get to the ball and then the process begins again with the orb placed in a different location - be the first flea to get the best of your competitors and you win.

The controls, while tricky at first, are simplistic. You can use either the left and right mouse buttons or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to determine how far your little flea jumps. The longer you hold whichever button, the farther your flea will jump. It will take a bit of time to get used to how far you want your flea to jump, so be sure to do the practice levels before you start in on the different competitions. Graphically, the game is very colourful. The art style uses a very cartoon style of graphics and it really helps bring out the game and display the different environments. The fleas themselves are small in the grand scheme of the level but as different colours are used to differentiate them, you won't lose sight of your little friend.

The music and sound effects in Fleafall Champion are also done very nicely; they fit the game well and add to the experience as you advance through the game. You might not notice the with the craziness of trying to get to the orb before your opponents do, but it's still good to see that these elements are present.

Other than the difficulty of getting used to the controls, this was a very fun game to play and definitely should kill some time. You can also try to play online or with up to four players on the same computer to see who is the top flea. So check out Fleafall Champion and see what it's all about for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Hot Seat
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