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Plenty of action
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Fun challenge

There is nothing like simply sitting down to play a game and, rather than playing a drawn out and perhaps complicated game, just blasting whatever gets in your way. Simple action may not be the most compelling genre of games out there, but sometimes, after a long day for example, playing one of these types of games can really alleviate stress, and just allow you to escape through all the blasting excitement. Well with the excellent looking and quite awesome all around game that is Echoes, you get that blasting action you are expecting. It features Asteroids inspired gameplay, but there is a bit of geometry wars inside the game as well. All around, from the action on screen to the music, to which you can even add your own tracks, to the different challenges that are available, this is a nice and fast sit down game to kill some time with.

If you have ever played the classic game Asteroids, then you will be ready for Echoes, which is essentially the same premise. Blast the neon looking asteroids with your ship and try to stay alive as long as you can. You can set whether you wish to have your ship firing at all times or whether you wish to control that yourself in the options menu. You can also change the different key configurations to move your ship around. From using the keyboard to using the mouse, which I prefer using myself. As you blast the asteroids you also have the opportunity to collect different powerups that will aid you in taking more hits, or give you more firepower. Your ship is able to take a certain number of hits from the asteroids that you may come into contact with; do not overdo it or its game over for you.

What makes the game a bit different from Asteroids, besides the powerups and extra additions, are the colour scheme and graphics of the game. It looks really nice in action, as you are blasting the asteroids away the bigger asteroids will create even bigger explosions and effects. That is right, the different effects in the game add to all the craziness going on on-screen. From the blurring that happens, to the debris that is left behind from the destroyed asteroids, there is always a lot of action going on screen and it looks great.

There never does seem to be a shortage of action as you advance through the stages. As for a moment of rest, you can forget about that. Your ship always has to be moving, otherwise the asteroids will get you. And in the later stages there are additional objects that you will have to be careful with. Once you see them in action, you know you’re in for a rough time. Challenge your way through the three difficulty modes, as each one presents its own challenges to face as you blast away at whatever is in your ships path.Echoes also presents different challenges you can accomplish in the various difficulty levels. They are mostly fun challenges that will challenge your gaming skills; from not getting any powerups until level seven to other challenges that you can try out. In addition, depending on how well you do in the game, you may get the opportunity to unlock an extra game mode.Another nifty feature with Echoes is the ability to add your own Mp3 tracks to the game, in case you do not like the default music. I did not mind the original musical track in the game, I personally think it fits with all the craziness and action you facee, especially in the later stages, but if you want to play the game with your own music, feel free. You can also import your own playlists into the game – see the readme file for more details.

Overall, Echoes is a fun experience to try out and I really did enjoy trying to beat some of the challenges in the game and simply blasting away all the asteroids and seeing all the neat graphical effects displayed. If you are looking for a nice time killer, Echoes fits the bill and does a nice job in the process.

Review by: DeathDude

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