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Addictive gameplay
Cute graphics
Infinite retries
Shots can be off the mark
Some levels are very tricky
Music can get repetitive

It's Easter time once again.  Time to gorge yourself on Easter Eggs, or have fun egg-rolling.  It's a time for Easter Bunnies to visit, hiding brightly-coloured eggs for children to find.  It's a time for parties and celebration and everyone having fun.  But someone doesn't like fun!  The evil black bunny is out to put a stop to all this nonsense.  He has built miles and miles of tunnels, and he uses these tunnels in order to steal all the children’s' Easter eggs away.  How mean!  Only the good white bunny can put a stop to these nasty shenanigans! 


This Easter themed Zuma-clone is a lot of fun, and very easy to play.  You control the white bunny, and you have to clear the level of all Easter Eggs, before progressing to the next level.  Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds.  Eggs appear in a long, winding tunnel, and the idea is to match 3 or more similar eggs in a row to transport them to safety (in order words, they disappear).  'So how do you do that?', I hear you ask!  Simple.  You are the white bunny, and you have with you a board with 2 eggs.  The bunny stays in the same spot for each level, but can swivel around when you move the mouse.  Use the eggs on your board to fire at eggs in the tunnel, and try to match at least 3 eggs of the same kind.  Left-click the mouse to fire the egg, and right-click the mouse to switch egg's position on the tray.  You can also press 'P' at any time, to pause the game, and give yourself a breather.  Eggs on your tray are quickly replaced as soon as you use them, so you have an infinite supply.  You have to keep matching eggs, until all the eggs in that level have disappeared.  But like I said, things are not that easy!  If you're not quick enough, more eggs appear in the tunnel, filling it up again, and creating more work for you.  And if the eggs reach end of the tunnel, then you've lost, and you have to start that level again.  Don't worry, it will all make sense when you start playing. 

The good news is that you get infinite retries, so if you fail the first time, you can just try again, with a slightly different strategy.  However, shots are sometimes slightly off the mark.  What I mean is, you aim your egg, but sometimes it doesn't quite land where you aimed, messing up your carefully-planned line-of-3-eggs.  And because it landed out of place, it means you also have to fire 2 more eggs at it to make it disappear.  This pushes the leading egg forward, and even closer to the end of the tunnel... and impending doom.  Despite this flaw, the game is lots of fun, and VERY addictive.  Luckily, the game saves your progress, so you don't have to go right back to the start each time. 


Strong, bright colours are a joy to see, and will appeal to both kids and adults alike.  I think that the bunny is very cute, with his long ears, hehe.  Eggs move very smoothly along the tunnel, and it's fun to watch them shoogle around at the same time (they don't stay straight up and down).  There are several different colours of egg, and each colour has it's own distinct pattern - green eggs are splodgy, red eggs have a thick black stripe, blue eggs have white polka dots, etc.  The shape of the tunnel changes for each level, as does the background, and this helps to keep things interesting. 


Music for the intro is very 'tinkly' and light, and I could spend ages just listening to it.  When the game starts, music becomes more funky and upbeat.  However, it does become repetitive after a while.  Sound effects are used with good effect.  There is a great 'whooshing' sound when you fire an egg, and you can also hear a 'zapping' sound when 3 eggs are matched.


Easter Crisis is a fun game that's easy to pick up and play.  If you only have 5 minutes to spare, or if you have several hours free, this game is ideal.  It's basically an Easter-themed Zuma game - match three or more Easter Eggs to make those eggs disappear.  But make sure that eggs don't reach end of the tunnel, or the game will end.  The game is very easy to control, just left-click your mouse to fire egg, or right-click your mouse to switch eggs on your tray.  The whole game is very colourful, and graphics are cute, making it fun to play.  Sound effects are great, but music can get repetitive after a while.  It's a very addictive game, so why not download it, and try it for yourself. 


Review by: Frodo

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