Dude The Snowman Dude The Snowman
Made by: Krunchopia
Website: http://www.krunchopia.com/?page=dude
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Some cool graphical effects
Decent music
Fun sort of title
Hard difficulty

Wells here is a concept you do not see often. This time around you, have to compete in a series of challenges. Some of them include racing, getting points, slalom style of going between gates, avoiding giant snowballs.  That's right as talking snowman, that's right through some crazy way we have a talking snowman and that's not all, no he can snowboard too. Therefore, that makes him a talking, shredding snowman with a fancy hat. Any ways before I go further with that, you have to shred your way down the mountain through racing to the finish, getting points through tricks and some other events. The game itself is a cool racing title with good music, some neat graphical effects and just all around an interesting racing title that can be played for some quick action.

So somehow, through either experiments or maybe magic, who knows? Therefore, Mr. Snowman with his blue top hat and his snowboard has to proceed across nine levels with different challenges. Most of which are involve racing and once you get to the last level you will have a nice surprise waiting for you.

Graphically the game looks very nice. Although the environments look the same through the nine levels, there is a bunch of interesting effects that are used. Such as blowing snow and the wind from your snowboard as it passes through the snow, it really looks neat. There may be a bit of slow down from all these effects though and thankfully, you can turn it off in the options menu if your computer is having an issue with all these effects running. The music also was nice to listen to in game. It was very calming I thought and really helped with the action on screen. It was not distracting and just brought the whole experience together. The game is a quick sort of pick up and play. The direction keys are used to steer and up and down arrows used to increase or decrease your speed. It is fast to get into and just start going down the mountain.

There are different challenges some include getting points. Which you can get more of by going faster or by going off jumps and doing spins to get more points. Careful though, your snowman may lose his hat if you crash into a rock or do not land a trick properly. In addition, without his hat well he does not land that trick or runs into something else, he will be reacquainted with the snow again. Other challenges include, just racing to the finish line, slalom style racing as you try to get through the gates but without missing any and just dodging giant snow balls running down to try and crush you. As well interestingly enough, the snowman as said before can talk. Some of the voiceovers you may miss, but basically the word dude, my hat and so on is mentioned a lot, kind of humorous or maybe not.

Even with all these challenges, the game suffers greatly from the high difficulty. Took me many tries to beat the first level. In addition, I thought some of the later challenges too were a bit extreme and really this can be a deterrent for some with this challenge level being a little too high I thought.

Still this is a quick pick up and play sort of title and you should try it out and see for yourself, you might just do well enough yourself. It's called Dude the Snowman, ignore the silly name, and check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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6,5 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for all ages
Windows 95/98/2000/ME
233 MHz Pentium processor or greater
10 MB hard disk space
DirectX 7.0 or greater
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX compatible 3D Accelerator video
Card (4MB+)
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