Dragon Ninja Saga Dragon Ninja Saga
Made by: Planet Zio Entertainment
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Interesting story
Great music
Plenty of action
Repeating enemies

You are Red Lotus (that is your ninja name), and you are one of the best in the land. As always in ninja games, there is another ninja - an evil ninja! But this time, the evil ninja does not want to fight you by fair means. Instead, he plans to summon a powerful 2000-year-old demon to raise havoc on the land. However, there is a catch, since the evil ninja needs a human sacrifice to the demon, which unfortunately for our hero is his wife! So there is a lot in store for Red Lotus, who must go forth, with his silly name and all, to rescue his wife, defeat that evil ninja and prevent the resurrection of the demon. Dragon Ninja Saga combines a good plot with good action, great music and nice graphics and more.

Every 2000 years, there is an opportunity to summon a powerful demon named Nogachi, but in order to do so an innocent must be sacrificed. Enter the ninja evil master Houmaru, who has kidnapped our hero's wife Yamiko for the sacrifice. Now it is up to our hero Red Lotus to save her before this can all happen, since preventing a demon raising appears to be something most ninjas have to do as part of their ninja training or something.

I thought that the story was well done, as it is quite detailed. However, other than in the intro screen, there is not much info about it throughout the rest of the game, only the knowledge that as you progress you get closer and closer to catching up to Houmaru and saving Yamiko. The graphics and animations are also done well, with attention to the different environments. Each of those worlds is varied and features lots of colour and scenery as you explore it. The music fits in perfectly with the game and changes from level to level. The numerous enemies along the way will provide a lot of action, so sometimes, you will have to think about how to dispatch them without causing significant injury to yourself. Thankfully, you have many different at your disposal, such as ninja stars, bombs and even powerful ninja magic to aid in your journey.

The game gets progressively harder as you proceed, with the intoduction of tougher enemies, although you'll also soon see the same kinds of enemies repeating themselves. The level of difficulty consequently increases steadily and really leaves little room for error. You do get three continues, though, and if you die on the first part of a level, you are sometimes given the opportunity to skip that level and go on the next part (which can be a very nice feature at times).

Overall, Dragon Ninja Saga, is a very good game and provides an interesting approach to the platform genre. So if you like ninjas, ninja-related weapons and fighting evil ninjas, this is the game for you.

Review by: DeathDude

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