Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (DizzyAge) Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (DizzyAge)
Made by: Peter Teal
Website: http://www.yolkfolk.com/dizzyage/dz006.html...
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Wonderful remake
Handy \'save\' feature
Cheerful, bubbly music
Some coins are hard to find
Inventory system a bit clumsy
Only one life

Dizzy's in trouble again!  He had booked himself on a nice, relaxing round-the-world cruise, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  Admittedly, all the other passengers were pirates, but you can't have everything.  At least Captain Long John Silver seemed like a nice enough guy.  The Captain was an interesting character, who liked to insult people.  He acquired a wooden leg when he fell out of his pram as a child - poor fellow.  Anyway, Dizzy - the friendly little egg that he is - decided to organise a game of cricket one sunny afternoon.  Unfortunately, he didn't have any cricket stumps, so he had to improvise.  And what would make better cricket stumps than Long John Silver's spare wooden leg collection?  Big mistake!  The stumps were lost overboard, and poor Dizzy was made to walk the plank.

Now Dizzy finds himself trapped on the shores of a deserted island, and quite naturally, he wants to get back home.  After a bit of exploring, he realised that he must find a boat in order to escape.  Of course, this being a Dizzy game, nothing is ever that simple.  He has to use whatever he can find on the island to help him progress, as well as avoiding those nasty cage-traps in the tree village.  Who built those traps anyway? 


This remake was made by Peter Teal, and can be controlled by either keyboard or gamepad.  Move Dizzy left and right by using Z & X keys, jump by pressing Space Bar, and pick up items by pressing Enter button.  You can only carry 3 items at a time, and your inventory is shown at top of screen, in words.  There are coins scattered throughout the land.  There are 30 coins to find, and some of them are VERY well hidden.  Your score is shown at top of screen, as well as the number of coins you have found.  The inventory system can be quite cumbersome.  The item you picked up most recently is shown at the bottom, and if you try to pick up more than 3 items, then the top item is dropped.  This can prove fatal when you are underwater, and you end up dropping your rubber snorkel by mistake.   

Pressing Escape takes you to the menu screen, where you can resume your game, save a game, load a game, restart, or exit.  I recommend you save often, as you only have one life in this game, and one mistake can kill you.  Just like in the original, there is no energy bar.  It's all too easy to make a simple mistake like jumping into fire or accidentally dropping your rubber snorkel under water, and then the game will end.   


The graphics are very colourful and cartoony, and the whole game is a lot of fun to play.  Dizzy's movements are very smooth, and his unique style of somersaulting is fun to watch.  Fire flickers, as though really alive, and water appears as though it is moving.  Traps waiting to imprison Dizzy if he steps underneath are effective.  The shipwreck is impressive and I like watching all the sea animals as they move.  We are introduced to the shopkeeper in this game, if you can find him... hehe. 


As the game starts, you are greeted by a friendly 'Welcome To Treasure Island Dizzy', which sets the game of nicely.  Music is very bubbly and cheerful, and really seems to fit the game.  There is not much sound effects for this game - just some beeps when you pick up items or coins. 


The puzzles are quite tricky at times, so you have to think about what you are doing.  You have to find items to aid you with various quests. However, you can only carry 3 items at a time, and sometimes you have to drop items in order to pick something else up. Just make sure you remember where you drop things!  Things are made even trickier by only having one life.  One mistake can cost you the game!  Thankfully, you are able to save your game before doing anything potentially dangerous.  Finding the coins is another story.  They can be hidden anywhere - behind a tree, in a clump of grass, on even in plain sight.  Be sure to search everywhere for them!  You need to find 30 coins if you want to finish the game, although all the puzzles and the story itself can be completed without finding the coins.


Treasure Island Dizzy is an excellent remake that every Dizzy fan will love.  It is fun to play, and simple to control.  The graphics are classic 'Dizzy' style, and are lovely to see.  The puzzles are quite tricky at times, since you can only carry 3 items at a time.  Inventory system is quite cumbersome, as you have to keep re-arranging your items so as not to accidentally drop your snorkel underwater, but it is exactly the same in the original version.  Music is nice and bubbly, which adds to the enjoyment.  The 'Save' feature is very handy for saving your progress.  It means you do not have to start back at the beginning each time.  So what are you waiting for?  Get downloading! 

Review by: Frodo

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