Dizzy: Magicland Dizzy Dizzy: Magicland Dizzy
Made by: Peter Teal
Website: http://www.yolkfolk.com/dizzyage/dz011.html...
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Has 2 versions of the game
Nice, colourful graphics
Handy \'save\' feature
Swamp area is tricky
Diamonds can be hard to find

The evil wizard Zaks has returned, and he has a score to settle with Dizzy.  He has kidnapped... sorry, eggnapped Dizzy's Yolkfolk friends (Dora, Denzel, Grand Dizzy, Daisy, Dylan, and Dozy), and transported them all to his magical realm.  As if that wasn't bad enough, he has cast a different spell on each of the Yolkfolk, trapping them in some very bizarre ways.  Now it is up to poor Dizzy to explore this strange magical world, and find all of his friends.  He then has to somehow free them from whatever spell is trapping them.  However, even after he has managed to rescue everyone, Dizzy's troubles are far from over.  He must find a way to destroy the evil Zaks once and for all, and then get everyone safely back home to Yolkfolk Village.  So can you help poor Dizzy out, or is he doomed to spend the rest of his days in this twisted Magicland that Zaks has created? 



Magicland Dizzy is the fourth game from the Dizzy series, and this remake was made by Peter Teal in 2007. It is very faithful to the original, except that there are 2 versions included in this download.    The standard version is just what you would expect - an exact remake of the original game.  But there is also a TG Special Edition version, which includes an extra 'mini-game' at the start.  This extra segment is a kind of Dizzy 3.5, and takes place after the events in Fantasy World Dizzy, but before Magicland Dizzy begins properly.  TG Special Edition features one puzzle where Dizzy has to travel to Magicland, as well as everything from the standard version. 

When you arrive in Magicland, you must explore the area, and try to find various items to help you progress through the game.  I found the swamp area on the right very tricky to get through.  It was hard to jump onto the lily pads and avoid those nasty mosquitoes at the same time.  As with most Dizzy games, you can carry up to 3 items at a time.  You have a health bar which shows how much health you have left, and when the bar is empty, then you lose a life.  You have 3 lives altogether, and they are represented by 3 eggs.  When you lose all 3 eggs, then the game is over.  Your lives, energy level, and the number of diamonds you have collected (there are 30 to find) are shown at top of the screen, as well as the screen's title. The game also has a nice 'Save \\\\ Load' option, which I found quite useful. The game can be played using keyboard or joypad.

 Z & X  - Left & Right
 Space  -  Jump
 Enter  -   Pick up item \\\\ use item \\\\ access inventory
 Escape - Save \\\\ Load \\\\ Restart \\\\ Quit Menu




The graphics are very colourful and cartoony, which makes the game a lot of fun to play.  Dizzy's movements are very smooth, and his unique style of somersaulting is fun to watch.  Diamonds twinkle away as if they are really sparkling . The troll on the trollbridge looks very mean, and will not let you past no matter how nicely you ask.  Vampira was creepy.  She moved in perfect unison with you, all ready to bite your neck.  It was great to see Zaks, and I loved how he tried to zap you.   Music is very bubbly and cheerful, and it inspires you to keep playing.  I loved the sound effect of Dizzy jumping, and it seems just right for the game.  There is also a nice sound effect when you are injured and your health bar goes down. 



The puzzles are quite tricky at times, so you have to think about what you are doing.  I loved how each of Dizzy's friends are trapped in a different way.  As I said earlier, you must find items to aid you with various quests.  You can carry up to 3 items at a time, and sometimes you have to drop items in order to pick something else up.  Just make sure you remember where you drop things!  



I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and I can highly recommend it to everyone.  It is an excellent Dizzy remake, and the TG Special Edition includes a nice bonus at the start.  The whole game is fun to play, and simple to control.  Graphics are classic 'Dizzy' style, and are lovely to see.  Puzzles are quite tricky at times, since you can only carry 3 items at a time.  The idea of using well known fairy stories, but adding an evil twist to trap the Yolkfolk really appeals to me.  The 'Save' feature is very handy for saving your progress.  It means you do not have to start back at the beginning each time, and it got me through the swamp area on more than one occasion!  If you are a Dizzy fan, then you are sure to love this game. 

Review by: Frodo

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