Dizzy: Knightmare Dizzy Dizzy: Knightmare Dizzy
Made by: Tom 'Phantom' Ward
Website: http://www.yolkfolk.com/dizzyage/dz033.html...
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Nice, colourful graphics
Homage to the classic TV show
Clever puzzles
Music may get repetitive
Easy to get lost

Dizzy has been caught in a time-warp.  He has travelled back in time to 1988, and he is taking part in a popular children's TV game show called Knightmare.  Just like the TV programme, Dizzy is a 'Dungeoneer'.  He must travel through the dungeon world, answering riddles and solving puzzles.  Treguard, the Dungeon Master, has told him that his quest is to locate the Chalice.  Should he succeed, he will earn the silver spurs of squiredom.  What more could an egg want? 

Guiding Dizzy along the way, and helping him to survive, is his trusted advisor - you!  You must help Dizzy travel through the dungeon, and avoid the many pitfalls.  One mistake could mean certain death for our beloved egg.  Also overseeing things is Treguard, the Dungeon Master.  Treguard may give Dizzy some vital hints, as well as introducing some of the more interesting characters in the dungeon. 


Made by Tom Ward in May 2009, Knightmare Dizzy is based on the children's television programme called Knightmare.  The main window is where all the action takes place.  Use keyboard or joy pad to control Dizzy, as he explores the dungeon, picks up items, and talks to other characters.  Keep an eye out for when Tregaurd talks to you (pink writing), as he sometimes introduces characters or explains situations.  However, the dungeon can be confusing, at it is easy to get lost, if you don't keep track of where you are. 

As with most Dizzy games, you can carry up to 3 items at a time. You have a health bar which shows how much health you have left, and when the bar is empty, then you lose a life. You have 3 lives altogether, and they are represented by 3 eggs. When you lose all 3 eggs, then the game is over. Your lives, energy level, and the number of coins you have found are shown at top of the screen, as well as the screen's title.  Pressing 'Esc' brings up the game menu, where you can Save \\ Load \\ Quit at any time.  I recommend you save often, as Dizzy can easily get hurt in this perilous dungeon.  You have 3 save slots available, which can be overwritten as many times as you require.  If you have a rumble pad, I highly recommend you use that. The pad vibrates when Dizzy is injured, which adds a lot of fun to the game.

 Z & X  - Left & Right
 Space  - Jump
 Enter  - Pick up item \\ use item \\ access inventory
 Escape - Save \\ Load \\ Restart \\ Quit Menu


Puzzles are very clever, and you have to think literally about the items you are carrying.  Spellcasting is an important part of the game, as it helps you solve riddles, as well as helping you progress through the dungeon.  Spells can be picked up, and used, just like any other inventory item.  Make sure you read the notes scattered around, as they provide valuable clues. 


The graphics are very colourful and cartoony, which makes the game a lot of fun to play.  Dizzy's movements are very smooth, and his unique style of somersaulting is fun to watch.  I love the introduction\\welcome from Treguard - just like the real thing.  I also like his comments (in pink) as he guides you through the dungeon.  The tree monster was very effective, and was just like the Riddle Guardians from the Knightmare TV show.  Fire flickering is very effective, as though really alive.  My favourite though, has to be Ariadne the spider.  She gave me a real scare, lol. 


As soon as the game starts, the theme song from the TV show starts playing, which is just wonderful to hear.  In-game music is pleasant, but can ultimately get repetitive.  There is only 2 music tracks here - one bright and bubbly, the other dark and sinister - and they keep alternating.  The sound effect of Dizzy jumping is just right for the game, as is the 'beep boop' when you pick up or drop an item.  Even the 'wooshing' sound as Dizzy enters through doors is effective, as though he is being transported to another area.  But my favourite has to be the chilling sound of the saw blades. 


A wonderful addition to the Dizzy series, and it is fun to play, and simple to control.  It is paying homage to a children's television game show called Knightmare, and it is brilliant to see it brought to the computer screen like this, although the dungeon can be confusing if you don't mentally keep track of whereabouts you are.  You can control the game by either keyboard or gamepad.  I recommend using a rumble pad, as it rumbles when Dizzy is hurt.  Puzzles are very clever and well thought out, making you think about each item you have come across.  Graphics have that unmistakable Dizzy feel to them, and you get to meet some very interesting characters.  Sound effects are a treat, and music is pleasant to hear, although can get repetitive after a while.  Theme music from the TV show has even been reproduced here as the game begins.  Now turn, face the dungeon door, and step boldly forwards.  


Review by: Frodo

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