Dizzy: Fantasy World Dizzy Dizzy: Fantasy World Dizzy
Made by: Peter Teal
Website: http://www.yolkfolk.com/dizzyage/
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Nice, colourful graphics
Handy save feature
Some coins are hard to find


Dizzy and his girlfriend Daisy were having a nice stroll through the Enchanted Forest. They were just enjoying each other's company, without a care in the world. Their peaceful stroll is soon interrupted, however, when the evil King kidnaps them. He imprisons poor Daisy high up in his Cloud Castle, and then he throws Dizzy into the deep dark dungeon.

Dizzy is afraid. He is trapped in this dungeon, with a big, scary troll guarding the exit. He doesn't know what will become of himself or Daisy. But Dizzy is a brave young egg, and he knows that he must find a way to escape this dungeon if he is to have any chance of rescuing his beloved Daisy. So he sets out exploring this Fantasy World, desperately searching for a way to reach Daisy up in the Cloud Castle, and facing many hazards on the way. Oh, the things we do for love!



This remake was made by Peter Teal in March 2007, and is very faithful to the original. You must explore the area, and try to find various items to help you progress through the game. In the beginning you can only carry two items at a time, but as you progress you will be able to carry four items. Your lives are shown at top left of the screen in the form of eggs. If you lose a life, then an egg disappears. There are coins scattered throughout the land, and the number of coins you have collected are shown at top right of the screen. The game also has a nice 'Save \\ Load' option, which I found quite useful. I recommend you save often! The game can be played using keyboard or joypad.


Z & X - Left & Right

Space - Jump

Enter - Pick up item \\ use item \\ access inventory

Escape - Save \\ Load \\ Restart \\ Quit Menu



The graphics are very colourful and cartoony, which makes the game a lot of fun to play. Dizzy's movements are very smooth, and his unique style of somersaulting is fun to watch. Fire flickers, as though really alive. I like the Snap Happy Gator, with his mouth opening and closing. The Wide-Eyed Dragon is also fun, and it’s quite tricky to get past him. I enjoyed seeing Dizzy's friends, and each one has their own personality. I think the music is very bubbly and cheerful, and it inspires you to keep playing. I loved the sound effect of Dizzy jumping, it is just right for the game. The sound effects for Dizzy picking up an item or dropping an item were effective. As the game starts, you even here a digitized 'Fantasy World Dizzy', just like the old Spectrum version!!!



The puzzles are quite tricky at times, so you have to think about what you are doing. As I said earlier, you must find items to aid you with various quests. At most you can carry four items at a time, and sometimes you have to drop items in order to pick something else up. Just make sure you remember where you drop things!



I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and I can highly recommend it. It is an excellent remake that every Dizzy fan will love. It is fun to play, and simple to control. The graphics are classic 'Dizzy' style, and are lovely to see. The puzzles are quite tricky at times, since you can only carry four items. The 'Save' feature is very handy for saving your progress. It means you do not have to start back at the beginning each time. Why not download it, and give it a try?

Review by: Frodo

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