Decker Decker
Made by: Shawn Overcash
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Good gameplay
Will run on almost any system
Use own image for character
Bad graphics
Not much sound
Can get repetitive

In this game you have to hack in to different systems and complete missions. You then buy things from the shop like chips or programs. Once you have done a certain amount of missions your reputation will increase giving you harder and better paying missions. The missions vary from deleting files to crashing the system. You can even build your own chips instead of buying them. I advise that before you attack anything in the matrix that you use silence so they cannot send out the alarm. If an alarm has been triggered you have to get to a security node and defeat all of the security there then turn off the alarm. At the cpu you can make a backdoor into the system which is helpfull for later missions on the same computer, You can also get a mp to make navigating the system easier.

The sound in this game is very simple. There are sound effects for each type of program that you can use and that is around it. There is no music so you might like to listen to your favourite CD while playing the game. You can use your own sounds for different programs I am not sure how so you will have to check the documentation included with the game. The graphics like the sounds are not very good (I think they were drawn in mspaint). When you start a new game you get to select your character icon that you see when you are logged into the matrix, Like the sounds you can make your own image but once again to find out how check the help file. You can even download skins for the game to give it a graphical makeover.

If you have ever played and liked Neuromancer (DOS) or Shadowrun (SNES and Genesis) then you will probably like this game. I just have a few words of advice for people who are having trouble completing missons. Some missions require that no alert is triggered so on those missions take the best silencing the best custom wedding dresses program you have and before you do anything in a node use it. Always get the map from the cpu as it tells you what nodes are where (The help file tells you what the symbols mean) And make sure you enable tooltips unless the game crashes with them on, They tell you what button does what when you hover your mouse over them.

Review by: Tomf

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Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
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