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Different take on Columns
Classic and Arcade Mode
Import your own music mp3s

With the multitude of Tetris and Columns games out in the freeware community, it was refreshing to see a different take on this style of game. Not to say that there is not other games in the genre that are vastly different, but with DUOtris, the concept of taking the gameplay of Columns and adding a twist, makes this a fresh entry into the puzzle genre for any gamer looking for a challenge. With some superb graphics, two different modes to try your luck and the ability to add your own mp3’s into the game to listen to while you are playing make this a nice package to check out.

So what makes this game different from other Columns like games? You have to keep track of your blocks on two separate grids. As each different coloured block comes down, one will come down from the top and one from the bottom. You can move each block left and right and switch them around by pressing the ctrl key or spacebar, however you cannot make this change if one of the blocks manages to hit another block already in the grid. Your objective is to form a minimum of three coloured blocks together to clear them from the grid and rack up a high score, that you can even submit online should you choose to do so.

You have your choice of playing in two different modes: Arcade and Classic. Classic mode is trying to guide each coloured block to form combos, and to keep clearing each grid, so not to reach the dreaded end line at the top or bottom of the screen. Arcade mode, on the other hand, is all that plus the addition of ten powerups to make the game even wackier. In order to activate a powerup, simply make a minimum three-coloured combo of blocks, and it will activate immediately. Some of the powerups will help you out by removing all the blocks of a certain colour, or slowing down gameplay. While others will double your points, or make the gameplay faster, there are many different effects, and it is up to you to see what each of them do.

Graphically the game looks a bit different and has a unique look that was very appealing.  The little graphical effects, such as when a block disappears. look quite nice.  A bit distracting at times, nevertheless it looks nifty. The two different game modes of Classic and Arcade was a nice touch, which really allows gamers to pick their poison so to speak - if they just want to play a straight up puzzle game or if they wish to play a puzzle game with some arcade powerups.

While there is a musical track to listen as you play the game, what was fantastic to see was the ability to play your own mp3 tracks. You have to put the full mp3 track in the directory labeled my music and change the music option on the title screen, but once you do that you can listen to your own tracks, awesomeness.

While it would have been nice to have a multiplayer mode, with the options that are available for the game, I do not think it will be missed too much. All around, this game excels in each area, and should be an enjoyable experience for any puzzle gamer.  If you are a puzzle gamer looking for something different, check out DUOtris and see it in action for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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