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Sometimes with certain puzzle games, there are the complex ones that puts your mind in a bind, trying hard to solve a solution.  Then there are others, which are quick, simple to master for someone new to a particular type of game, but are still quite deep in terms of game material and what can be mastered. Crack Attack, falls into this category, based partially on the whole concept of Columns and Tetris Attack - the elimination of 3 coloured blocks, either playing in single player or multiplayer. That is the objective in this game, eliminate as many blocks as you can, trying to get the coveted high score,  Or in multiplayer mode, to beat your opponent, by having their screen filled up with blocks and garbage, so you be declared the victor. It may sound easy for gamers not familiar with this type of game, but if you want to be a master, there is plenty of work for you to do.

When you start the game, you will see the different options available, single player and 2-player online multiplayer; pick whichever one you would like. You also have the option in online multiplayer to play off a server or simply use TCP/IP. There is also the Xtreme mode that you can choose to play, instead of the normal mode, but I shall go into more detail about the Xtreme mode later on in this review.

Your objective in this game is simple.  If you are playing in single player mode, survive as long as you can before the blocks \\ garbage reaches the top of the screen.  If you are playing multiplayer, it is the same objective, except you have to outlast your opponent. You rack up your score by creating a minimum combo of lining up three of the same coloured blocks, either vertically or horizontally. The more blocks you line up, the more points you get.  Larger combos create garbage blocks that will drop on your opponent’s side if you are playing a multiplayer game. If you are playing a single player game however, these garbage blocks will drop into the same playing field, and it is your objective to get rid of it.

To get rid of garbage blocks, all you have to do is have at least one coloured block touching the garbage block itself, and then simply create a combo of any size to remove it from the pile, which will in turn change the garbage block into more coloured blocks. If your fast enough, you can also create further combos as the coloured blocks fall onto the pile, racking up more points and making further garbage piles.

Whichever mode you choose to play, the game is quite challenging, even more so if you are playing against another person to seeing who will outlast whom. In single player mode, it is just as tough,  Creating large combos means you will have to eliminate the larger garbage blocks to continue playing.  The speed that the coloured blocks on the bottom of the screen, which gradually give you more coloured blocks to work with, also increases. It takes practice to pull off the larger combos that go into the eight, nine and above categories, but these can be the key to pulling off a victory in some cases. The game focuses on speed and your ability to react quickly. If you have ever played Tetris Attack or Columns with friends or by yourself, this is where you can really shine.  Especially if you are fast, know the game, and can pull off blistering speed combos to really throw off your opponent before they even know what hit them.

To finish up, there are two other factors to draw attention in this game. The grey blocks will generate garbage, no matter how big you make a combo.  Even creating the minimum combo of three blocks will generate garbage on your playing field or your opponents playing field. In addition, grey garbage blocks have to be destroyed separately from other garbage blocks, which if they are linked or are touching each other, can be eliminated all at once, but not with the grey garbage block. Points are also tripled with the elimination of grey garbage blocks, so keep that in mind.

This leaves the final mode known as Xtreme mode, which you can choose if you want to add some arcade action to the game. The difference of this mode is that different coloured blocks, (which will be flashing), can be used to create a combo that will then be used against your opponent, or to hinder you in some way. For example, the special yellow block creates a diseased garbage block, which wills reverse your opponent’s controls until they eliminate that garbage block. There are other combinations, which you can read about at the homepage for Crack Attack.

There is not much more to say about the game, except that is was great to see an online multiplayer mode. But surprisingly, hot-seat multiplayer was not available, which was a bit of a shock. Also, there is no music in the game, but you can download sound effects and music as provided by a link on the homepage of the game.  However that link leads to a confusing page, so here is the link if you wish to have these features in the game -

If you enjoy fast paced, quick acting situations, that will test your skills and your ability to react in a high-pressured situation either by playing alone or with a friend, then check out Crack Attack and see it in action for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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