Cosmos Quest I:  To Find A Sun Cosmos Quest I: To Find A Sun
Made by: Ilia Kinanev
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Interesting story
Wonderful atmosphere
Beautiful graphics
Exits are tricky to find
Spelling and grammar mistakes
Some pixel hunting


The Rhomulion sun is dying. A mysterious black hole has appeared in the Rhomul system, and it is having a devastating effect on the entire Federation. A small Rhomulion crew has been charged with the task of observing the temperature of the sun, to gauge how quickly it is dying.

Apo Lanski, an engineer with the crew, is forced to land on a small planet called Zhena, after his shuttle begins to overheat. Well, it [i]is[/i] an old shuttle, after all. So Apo manages to fix his shuttle, and continue on his journey home... only to find out that someone has planted a tracking decive on his shuttle, so he is denied permission to land. Poor Apo! Only one man can remove this tracking device - Sergeant Getz. But things just go from bad to worse. As he desperately tries to find Getz, Apo finds himself abducted. Then he uncovers a conspiracy that could change the fate of Rhomalia... forever...




Cosmos Quest 1: To Find A Sun is the first of the Cosmos Quest games, and takes inspiration from Space Quest, as well as Star Trek, which is no bad thing. The game has an interesting story and a wonderful atmosphere. The game is easy to control, just by using your mouse. A menu bar at top of page (just move your mouse up there) allows you to interact with the game world, with actions such as Look, Pick Up, Talk, etc, as well as giving you access to your inventory. You can also Save, Load, or Quit the game from this menu bar.

The game has several spelling and grammar mistakes, but this is perfectly understandable, given that Ilia (the creator) is Bulgarian, and English is not his first language. It doesn't detract from the game's enjoyment at all. However, I thought that Exits from some screens can be quite tricky to find. So hunt carefully. Having said that, I do like the fact that you can quickly 'jump' to the next room, simply by double-clicking on the 'Go' sign. Puzzles can be a bit... obscure. But that's all part of the fun. Be imaginative, and experiment.




Graphics is Cosmos Quest are just gorgeous. You may recognise the main character of Apo? Well, it's not surprising really, considering he is a modified Roger Wilco sprite from Space Quest 6. Backgrounds are wonderfully rich and lush, and have a surreal, dreamlike quality to them. In contrast, Apo is crisp, sharp, and clear. I like the fact that an explanation of the game's background is shown at the start, so you know what is going on. Speech is shown as text placed above whoever is talking, so it's easy to follow conversations. Inventory items are shown as small icons, which is nice to see. I just love how Apo walks! However, some necessary items are quite hard to spot, and some pixel hunting is required. There also seems to be a slight glitch when looking at your ID card, however. Numbers from back of the card will remain of screen, until you click on those numbers again. As I said, a slight glitch, but no major concern.




Music is beautiful and atmospheric. On the planet's surface, it seems very slow and spacey. But when you are in Jaro's Motel Inn, the music becomes funky, piano music, which is very appropriate for a bar. Music is lovely, but it is on a loop. So when a clip of music finished, it pauses for a few seconds, before beginning again from the start. There are some good sound effects in Cosmos Quest 1. Things like opening \\ closing the hatch to your shuttle on Zhena, blipping noises inside the shuttle, knocking on garage door on Ayatolia, help add life to the game. A sound is played every time you gain points, to help you achieve the 'perfect score'.




Cosmo Quest 1: To Find A Sun is a wonderful adventure game, that I thoroughly enjoyed. The story involving a dying sun, and one seemingly insignificant event (Apo landing on Zhena) is only the beginning. Who knows what will happen to the planet Rhomul now? Gameplay is a typical point & click style, with menu bar hidden at the top. Some spelling and grammar mistakes are noticeable, but don't affect the game in any way. However, Exits can be hard to find, which can be slightly frustrating. Graphics are amazing - a real pleasure to see. The combination of dreamlike background and Apo's sharp, crisp image work well together. But just like Exits, some objects are tricky to find, making pixel hunting necessary. Music is beautiful to listen to, and makes you feel nice and relaxed. Even funky piano music in the bar is pleasant. In short, in interesting story, combined with wonderful atmosphere, beautiful music, and excellent graphics, all make for an amazing experience that I highly recommend.

Review by: Frodo

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