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Hard AI
The intro music

It is time to get cooking. Probably thought you would never hear that in a PC game did ya? Well even if you did that's the premise of this game that is conveniently titled Cookie. You play the role of Charlie Chef as he has to make something special, make something unique, make that awesome food that everyone craves, or maybe he just likes cooking that could be it too.

So playing as Charlie Chef, you goal in the game is to make a cake, mmm cake would be good right about now, ahem getting back to the review. Yes as I was saying you have to make a cake and your job is to deflect the ingredients from the pantry into the mixing bowl. Course it wouldn't be that simple to make this cake, no because there are a slew of nasties, like fish bones and old cans that are also coming out of the pantry. You have to stop those things and make sure they do not land in the mixing bowl. Otherwise, you will just have to put more ingredients in. Using the garbage cans, you can dispose of these nasties but they might not stay there for long.

Graphically the game looks nice, the environments and the characters themselves are done with a nice polish and really look well overall. This game is a remake of the "Cookie" for the ZX Spectrum 16/48K." Overall, the game looks nicely done and effort can be seen from the menus, to the different instructions you can view in game in case you forget anything. The music that plays along as you play is very nicely done. I thought it was very well done and enjoyed listening to it. It did not have me wanting to hit the mute key and the music changes with each different ingredient that changes whenever you fill the required cheap prom dresses number in the mixing bowl, thus changing levels.

This game was difficult, very difficult, and it probably will take you a few rounds to get used to the controls. With the amount of ingredients and baddies floating around it is not hard to accidentally be hit by one of them, this may be frustrating for some gamers. The only other concern that I had, this is probably a personal preference but the intro music is not exactly my favorite. It surprised me when I had minimized the game and heard lyrics come up from in game, cheesy is not the word to describe the song that is used.

Still this was an enjoyable game and I had fun playing it, you should definitely check it out, the name is Cookie, highly recommended.

Review by: DeathDude

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