Conspiracy of Songo Conspiracy of Songo
Made by: LongLife Software
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Interesting story
Catchy music
Alright graphics
Some easy puzzles
Cliché story premise

Something troubling is lurking in this strange town, a tale of mystery and intrigue, and a theft! Well murder would work in this context but not this time around. Anyway it's time to check out Conspiracy of Songo, a pretty good adventure game with an interesting story, good music and some pretty good graphics overall. The game itself is a nice challenge that brings you in the story and lets you go on a detective search to find out the truth.

The story starts out simple enough Jerry and Sheila our two main characters in this game are out on a boat ride, the two have gotten close as of late, that's when trouble strikes. First, a shark chases them, causing them to crash their boat, leaving them stranded. Jerry goes off in search for some help before some undercover detectives jump him and accuse him of stealing the artifact known as Songo. Jerry denies he never stole such an item but they do not believe him and drag him away to prison. That is when Sheila will soon learn of what happens to her boyfriend and now must go off and free him.

Graphically the game looks nice, it's a different kind of art style that the developer decided to use and some may be put off by it. I myself liked it, not the best graphics though I will admit but for the game itself and the mystery and strangeness I think it does the job effectively. Musically the tunes that are used in game are good overall. Some are catchy and they do not overstep their bounds and make you take your attention from the game or anything. Story wise the game goes through some interesting plot changes as you try to discover the mystery of this missing item and where it has ended up, the story will draw you in quickly.

Other than some easy puzzles and maybe the odd time of navigation, error of moving your character around which is minor and only happened maybe once. This game overall was all around a fun experience to try out even counting the cliché story experience that there is with solving a mystery again! Still check it out, if you are an adventure fan, its called Conspiracy of Songo, give it a try.

Review by: DeathDude

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