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Fun game
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Easy to play
Only one mode
No multiplayer

With some puzzle games, all it really takes sometimes is not a complicated and tough thinking game to really enjoy this genre. Sometimes all it really takes is just simple game play.  But above all that, a game should be addicting and fun.  Of course bragging rights is also good, especially in this genre. Well if you’re looking for a puzzle game, that has all these features, you are looking at it. In Connect More, the object of the game is quite simple - align 4 of the same coloured balls in different directions, and bam that’s all there is to this game.  Simple, yet effective. It’s a fun game, with some great music and is quite easy to start playing right away, if you just want to sit down and play a quick game, which does not drain your brain too much, look no further.

When you start the game, there is nothing to set up or whatnot, you just have one option, to start the game, oh and to look at the high scores for later. Once the game starts, a bunch of tubes will start dropping balls onto the screen.  Now the goal of the game is by using the mouse, shoot the coloured balls from the launcher at the right hand of the screen onto the main screen, trying your best to connect up to 4 of the same coloured balls, and also trying to link together combos for more points. As the game progresses, more different coloured balls will enter, as well as special power ups that will help take out sections of the playing field.  Last as long as you can, and then show off your score and see how long you last.

Graphically the game looks quite nice, especially some of the effects when you are taking out the balls with combos and whatnot. The game also uses a bit of physics by way of how the balls bounce off each other when you shoot them, and just how some will bounce back towards the screen or even through the field if you hit them hard enough, very nifty feature, and it does allow for some planning of shots, in certain cases.

While the game may seem simple, there is just a bit of charm to it, which really makes it fun for a little while. It’s a good time killer if you do not have a lot of time to play a game and its simple game play, makes it that much easier to get into. The music as well was quite nice to listen to as you are playing. I did not find it distracting, but it does loop, granted it does take quite a bit of time before that happens.

The only issues I had with the game is that there was the only mode of game play.  It would have been nice had there been more variety, or at the very least some options to customize. Multiplayer in this game would have also been a great feature; shame the game does not include it.

Nevertheless, this was a fun game and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a quick game to start playing. It’s called Connect More, check it out for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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4,8 MB
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Safe for all ages
Windows 98\\ME\\2000\\XP

Pentium-class processor (fast processor recommended)

3D Accelerator Card

Direct X 9.0 or above
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