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Lots of action
Support characters
In game cutscenes
Somewhat hard difficulty

It's time to head back to the idea that there can be one soldier who can take out an army, and do it without breaking much of a sweat. Well okay, that is not entirely true in this game, but still you guide our hero (Commando) through different missions as replica watches him and his team try their hands to stop the terrorists from executing their evil plan. That's right - it is a grand plan that will threaten the entire world if it happens. In Commando 2004, what you get with this game is plenty of action, an interesting Storyline, support characters that help you out during the fights, and some good in game cutscenes. That really adds to the atmosphere of the game, and really shows what a top of the line action game that this is.

The story of the game is that Cuban terrorists have hijacked a Texan sort of vehicle, which just happened to be carrying - dun dun dun - Nuclear Weapons! Their leader has immediately declared responsibility and it is up to your team to wage full-scale assaults on his supporters and mercenaries, and stop a dreaded disaster from occurring. Controls are set out in the option menu, and you will be treated to a nice introduction once you start the game. Soon, before you know it you are parachuting down on the battlefield as your team starts firing away at the enemy, you will soon be in the midst of this entire action-taking place.

Although the Storyline may seem like it has been done before, it does fit into the game nicely. Add to this, the whole concept of having a squad fighting against the enemy besides yourself, and you can see why the Storyline was probably done in this way. Once you start the game, immediately you are thrown into the action against the terrorists. All you have at the start is your pistol and combat knife.  Soon you will be able to collect new weapons to use, and even three different kinds of grenades that will be useful for certain situations ahead. The whole idea of having a supporting team was executed nicely in the game. Not only will the support characters fight the enemy alongside you, in certain cases, they may clear an area of enemies via an airstrike, or even team up and lead the way taking down whatever comes their way. Your teammates are not invincible, and sometimes you will have to protect them before the enemy shoots them down, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

The In game cutscenes that are shown during the mission and after certain sections really adds to the whole experience. They are shown to bring you up to speed on new elements and new objectives that may arise, and or tell you about a new situation that has happened. In any case, it was a nice feature to see in the game and thought it was done nicely whenever I saw it. It usually it happens when there is a break in the action, which is a good thing so you will not have to stay alert when a cutscene ends.


Other than the somewhat hard difficulty the game has and the length of some of the missions that can be a bit daunting. Luckily, there are checkpoints that save your progress should you die in a mission, however would have been nice if this carried over when you do perish completely. As when you do you have to start from the very beginning all over again.

Nevertheless, this was a great game that enjoyed playing and highly recommended that you check it out if you are a fan of this type of game. Its called Commando 2004, see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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