Clone Clone
Made by: Antares Productions
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Infinite retries,
Challenging puzzles,
Lovely sound effects
Some levels are very hard,
Can't skip more than 3 levels

A little blue ball was lost in a strange land.  He had been separated from his family, and he was very scared.  A storm was brewing, and our little hero didn't know what to do.  He came across a castle, and decided to take shelter until the storm had passed.  As soon as he entered the castle, the doors slammed shut behind him.  He soon discovered that this was no ordinary castle.  It belongs to an evil sorcerer who is conducting evil cloning experiments.  As our little hero explores the castle, trying to find a way out, he finds himself being multiplied into clones.  Fortunately, our hero can control his clones, as they all move in the same direction.  He can use that to his advantage, by making the clones help him escape from the castle and put an end to the sorcerer’s evil experiments once and for all. 


Clone was originally a shareware game, but it has been made freeware since the company doesn't exist anymore.  There are 6 'Episodes' in the game, and each episode has at least 15 levels.  All the clones move in the same direction at the same time, and you can guide them with the arrow keys.  If you die, you are given infinite attempts  to try again.  This was a welcome feature, as it allows you to experiment, and try different ways of getting past an obstacle.   

The levels for each episode are shown on the right.  You can select the episode to play by clicking on the Up or Down arrow, and then clicking on 'Play'.  There are 3 difficulty levels - Childish (easy), Kool (medium), Foolish (hard).  I often found the Childish level quite tricky  and had to skip levels.  If you are unable to complete a level, you can skip it by clicking on 'Skip'.  Unfortunately, you are only allowed to skip 3 levels per episode,  This means that some levels will be inaccessible to you. 

The aim of the game is to guide each clone safely to the blue exit portal.  However that is easier said than done, and there are many hazards that you must overcome.  Gates block the way, and can only be opened by X number of switches being pressed at the same time.  Keys must be picked up to unlock doors.  Rocks can be blown up with dynamite (just don't blow yourself up at the same time!).  Bow & arrows will shoot you.  Enemies such as spiders, dragons, and electricity sparks are all out to get you.  You can even use rafts to cross rivers, or ride on mine carts to explore mine areas.  There is so much more, but I will let you discover the rest for yourself. 


The graphics are very effective, and there are so many nice touches for this game.  From the creepy castle, to the icy mountains, to the cold future - each episode has a distinctive theme.  The clones move very smoothly, and I love the expressions they pull.  They do everything from grin at you, wink, and even yawn.  Water and lava flow freely, and is lovely to watch.  I love it when a spider captures you, as they spin a web over you (shudder). 


The music is very dramatic, and really suits the mood of the game.  There is a good variety, and I thought it added a lot of atmosphere.  There are some nice sound effects here.  Clouds spark with electricity, and the arrows have a good 'kaching' sound as they hit you.  You can hear a satisfying 'click' as you step onto the switches.  Even the spiders sound creepy, as if they are laughing at you.  My favourite was our blue hero.  He talks to you - he says 'Oh Cool', and 'Oh Yeah'.  He can also whistle at you, and yawn. 


This is an excellent puzzle game that I can highly recommend.  The clones all move in the same direction, so you really have to think about what you are doing.  The levels are well thought out, and there are a good variety of puzzles.  The sound effects were spot-on, and I loved our hero's speech.  The graphics were brilliant, with every episode having a distinct theme.  I liked that you could skip levels, although I was frustrated that you could only skip 3 levels per episode.  Still, that is only a minor concern.  If you like challenging puzzle games, you are sure to love this one.  Why not download it, and give it a try? 


Review by: Frodo

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