Extremely funny dialogue
Unique and life-like feel
Nice scenery
Puzzles are too easy
Hard to spot exits

The fact that this very funny game was created by a woman is surprising enough, and the fact that it was created using a free games engine makes it even more interesting - well, to me, anyway, as I've always wanted to produce an adventure game. (This engine is available for download HERE)

I was constantly surprised by this game and chuckled at the dialogue, something that doesn't happen often while playing computer games. The interface is similiar to the Lucasarts Monkey Island and Indy games, with the usual quest thing going on; but something about Cirque De Zale struck me as unique and more life-like than the usual game plots. The main character, Zale, wasn't on a heroic quest to save anyone or anything. This cheeky Simon The Sorcerer-like character just wanted to create his own circus.

I've been looking around the web at other reviews of this game, and there were mixed opinions to say the least. Some have gone so far as to suggest that it's a work of genius, while other reviewers were disappointed by the graphics, simple puzzles and the ending.

However, Andail, of the AGS site (which hosts the games engine that the game uses), made this game the pick of the month for July and said that even though 2004 was a strong year in the games department, this might be the favourite title so far.

The game is very easy to set up and run: just double-click 'cirque.exe' and you're taken into the zany world of Cirque De Zale.

Review by: Wendy Maree

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