Interesting story line
Great writing/dialogue
Multiple endings
Okay music

Sometimes the actions that some may do can have dire consequences. They may not be intentional but they leave a last effect, enter our protagonist in this adventure title Andrew Tobias, a college student, with his girl friend Amy, things could not be better could they? Well things are about to change, and not for the better in Chick Chaser. What we see with this adventure title, is definite hard work to make a different idea work, dating in a game, oh my, the world of dating ah yes, it is definitely something you do not see often in a game. With Chick Chaser, we get great humorous dialogue, multiple endings, and an interesting story line that all combines itself nicely as you will see.

So let us get back to the story, Andrew went out for a night at the bar with his best friend Mahatma. Turns out though that he had plans with Amy and after Andrew is caught eyeing a girl by Amy in the act, she gets angry for standing her up last night, and Andrew's excuse of it just letting him slip his mind does nothing but cause further agitation and Amy tells him she doesn't want to see him again and that she won't be going to the party the college is throwing with him either. Mahatma then returns and tells Andrew to meet him by the fountain in the park and that he will help him out in his dilemma. Soon enough Mahatma tells Andrew that he needs to get back at Amy for what happened and his suggestion, to play the field and bring another girl to the party. Whaaaaa? Play the field? Get revenge? Andrew is a bit puzzled by the suggestion but thinks maybe it will help the situation somehow with his crazy thinking.

Story wise it may seem a bit cliché in the sense of trying to win back the girl, but still the idea of trying to win the other girls is an interesting take on that story line. There are different tasks you will have to do to try your hand at the three different girls in the game, and it will take clever deduction and thinking to get far with them in game. The writing and dialogue that is used in game I thought was very humorous and clever, especially the way Andrew talks with the different girls and different characters in game, it's just something you have to see. Plus there are multiple endings in the game that allows you to give it another go when you're done, and as well to get the coveted perfect score of 178 points. Will not spoil them, but they are interesting.

The only part I thought that could have been better was the music, it is unexciting and is not too stellar, but it fits most of the time with the different scenes. The puzzles as well I thought were done nicely, not too complicated and hard, some thinkers definitely but nothing too crazy.

Still this was a very interesting and different sort of adventure game that really draws on it's strengths through it's writing and dialogue and just the many different events that happen in game. So check out Chick Chaser and see what I mean.

Review by: DeathDude

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