Chance Of The Dead Chance Of The Dead
Made by: Bjorn 'Ghost' Ludwig
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Well written story
Witty dialogue
Gorgeous animation
Walking is a bit slow


Janet Burdie was an average teenager. She went to college. She enjoyed Cheerleading. She had friends... interests... hopes and dreams. Then she died. That was 5 years ago. Today, she has been resurrected. Yes, that's right... resurrected! But for one night only. Ted from the Unfinished Business Departedment has brought her back, so she can finally resolve some unfinished business. This *should* have happened the moment Janet died. But due to a clerical error, her paperwork had been misfiled, and only recovered this morning. Normally, the Unfinished Business Departedment deal with things on the deceased's behalf. But in order to make up for the delay, Ted gives Janet the unique opportunity to resolve her own unfinished business.

So what is Janet's unfinished business? Well... Janet loved baking! And she was particularly proud of her triple-layered 'Coffee Cloud' cake. She had even entered the annual Campus Cake Competition every year. The only thing was... Priscilla Dainty, her nasty room mate, had cheated Janet out of her dreams of winning the competition, and getting her recipe entered into the college yearbook. But things aren't all bleak. This year's Campus Cake Competition is due to take place tomorrow, so Janet has one night to bake her cake, and let it be found by the head judge of the competition. This is Janet's chance. People will finally get to know how good Janet's cake really is, and also know that Priscilla Dainty is just a cheat. FINALLY! This is an opportunity too good to pass up. So will you help Janet make the most of her second chance?




Chance of the Dead is a lovely little adventure game, similar in style to the old LucasArts games. You can control Janet's movements simply by clicking on the screen where you want her to walk to. She moves rather slowly, but then again, she *is* a zombie. Actions are shown at the bottom left of the screen, allowing you to Use, Get, Look, Talk or Bite with the gaming environment. Your inventory is shown at the bottom, allowing you to progress through the game. Just remember, some items can be used on each other. Options for Save, Load, or Exit are shown at the bottom right, so you can save your progress. One thing that disappointed me was that, after all the effort we went to... we never really got to make the cake. But that's just a minor detail.




The graphics are gorgeous. Strong colours are used throughout the game, giving a lovely cartoony feel to the game. Zombie Janet herself is simply adorable! The way she walks... or rather, lurches... is wonderful to see. The animation for when she giggles is infectious. She kind of scrunches her face up, and her head bobs up and down. You can't help but love it. The inventory is also a joy to see. Each item is displayed as an icon, and some of the items are... unusual! What other game would you find yourself carrying a pile of dirt with a worm in it, or your own rib? Customers in the cafe were also well drawn, and didn't seem at all phased that Janet is a zombie. Even the dog in the backyard was very cute.




Music seems powerful and dramatic - just right for a game about a zombie. There seems to be 2 different music clips, which alternate all throughout the game. There is a few sound effects, which are fun to hear. Everything from unlocking the door, to turning on the tap in the kitchen so the water is running, to the coffee machine chugging away, But my favourite is when Janet munches something, and you hear her munching away. Wonderful!




Chance of the Dead is a wonderful adventure game about a teenager that is brought back from the dead, and given a chance to fulfil her dreams of entering the Campus Cake Competition... and winning. Janet deals with being a zombie remarkably well. The story is well written, and the dialogue is very witty. Some of the things Janet says really brought a smile to my face. Graphics are beautiful, and remind me of the old LucasArts games we all know and love. Seeing Janet lurch along is just wonderful! Her movement is a bit slow, but then again, she's not used to being a zombie. Sound and music are used to great effect, and my favourite sound effect is when Janet munches on some food. I was slightly disappointed that after all the effort, we never really got to make that trademark cake. But that's just a minor detail. I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish, and can highly recommend it.


Review by: Frodo

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