Casablanca: The Day After Casablanca: The Day After
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Unique graphic style
2 endings
Interesting story
Not much in terms of music


Casablanca: The Day After is a prequel to the well known and respected and awesome (my personal favorite) Al Gurbish and is an Aussiesoft Production. It is a point and click adventure game made in AGS, the adventure scripting engine made by Chris Jones, and was made in June of 2003 as a MAG's entry.


In Casablanca: The Day After, you play the owner of a really well known bar. After Ilsa and Lazslo left, Sam, the piano player, started playing the piano you bought him quite too much. The owner, (you), has a headache and wants Sam to stop playing the stupid piano. He will stop Sam at any cost...even murder. It's your job to help the owner stop Sam from playing the piano. This game is quite short, but it has two different endings, so you should have a good time tryingto find them all.

Game play:

The gameplay mechanic in this game is quite good and mimics the old Lucasarts gui. You right click to change the icon between look and use etc. and you left click to use the icon. The inventory is at the bottom of the screen next to the save and load button which makes for a convenient display.


The graphics in this game are quite good and mimic the style used in Sam and Max Hit the Road. But theres a catch. The game is set in a film noir style spoof, therefore, the scenes are all black and white. This is very unique and just makes the game all the better.


The music in the game is very good, but actually, the only tune you ever hear is the tune Sam is playing on the pianos. I consider this the games only flaw, but it doesn't really hinder anything.


The characters in this game are very fun but most are also tough in a funny way. Theres a guy whos depressed that has a gun with no bullets and a guy in a cloak whos imitating Humphrey Bogart. The characters all have no nonsense attitudes and are very cool adding to the tough yet hilarious atmosphere of the game.


It's a Mags game. Need I say more. This is a very short game, so the puzzles are not all that tough. In fact they are all quite easy.


The replayability factor for this game is high. It's short, yet there are two possible endings so that is more incentive to replay the game.


All in all, this is an awesome prequel to Al Gurbish and it certainly lives up to the first games name in humor and style. The graphics, sound and story are simple yet good enough to make this game memorable. All in all, I give this game a 4.5 because its just that good.

Review by: Fawfulhasfury

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