Carpet Golf VR Carpet Golf VR
Made by: Ed Hobbs
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Faithful representation
18 holes
Some interesting courses
Some tricky holes
Aim cursor not always accurate

As you gaze across the course, you see that dreaded obstacle that haunts many a mini golfer. The dreaded obstacle that could determine how well you do, and whether it will be a good or bad game.  The windmill! This object has caused much grief for many a mini golfer, and now you can experience it for yourself with this game! Isn't that great, now you too can experience the agony some feel when your shot hits the blade of the windmill, ruining your perfect shot. Back to the game though, what you have with Carpet Golf VR, is the whole mini golf experience across 18 holes.  Try to make it through with the fewest amount of shots, as you take on the different dangers and obstacles that will test you in many ways.

The game starts quickly, and you start at the first hole. In order to start, you first aim your shot, and you can determine how far you want it to go. This is done by way of the aiming arrow that gets bigger if you want to shoot farther, and shorter if you want to aim short. Then click the swing button, which is located in the bottom right hand corner.  But make sure to hold the left mouse button, as this will determine how hard you want your shot to be. Once your shot goes, you just play the waiting game and see where your ball ends up, and shoot again until you finally get your ball in the hole, so you can move onto the next hole.

There is a good variety of different courses. There are a few that are very similar, but for the most part, each course is unique and presents it's own set of challenges. Be it buildings that you have to shoot your ball into, water hazards, and of course the windmill. While the beginning courses are easy, they get progressively harder as the game goes along.  And with 18 holes to do, that will not be an easy challenge. Some of the designs for the courses I thought were pretty unique, just by the different shots you have to do in order to get to the final hole. Just those little touches that really make the game stand out, and really make it a faithful representation of mini golf.

There are some tricky holes, so be prepared for them. Some may seem a bit out there, in terms of how you have to shoot your ball, and to do it within the shot limit.  But it adds to the challenge. The one part of the game design that found was a bit off, was the aiming cursor for your shot. Most of the time it seemed that when I aimed my shot and powered up how much I wanted to do, it would not go right into the direction was aiming, but usually little bit to right or left. Now granted the power of your shot may affect this. However, if that was so, maybe a second aiming cursor to show how you want to hit the ball and give it a left or right spin could have been used.

Nevertheless this was an enjoyable mini golf title.  It had its moments, just a shame that the aiming cursor is a bit off, as this may frustrate some gamers. Nevertheless, check it out if you are a fan of mini golf.  Its called Carpet Golf VR, and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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