Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality
Made by: Michael Denio
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More colourful graphics
Interesting story
Somewhat loose controls still

Dun dun dun.  It is time once again for one of the heroes of the galaxy to return. Not long after his last mission, a new crisis arises for our hero. As the case with most heroes, it never takes long for the next issue to show itself.  Like any sort of hero, Captain Comic will make things right once again! So enter the shoes of Captain Comic, strap on your space suit - oh wait, it's all ready on him - um, then just get ready for a new adventure. In the sequel to the original, a new mission awaits, full of danger, chaos, mystery, and more story cliches for you to experience.

The story starts off after the last adventure, where Captain Comic had the mission to recover the priceless Crown Jewels that had been stolen. On his way back though, Captain Comic receives a distress signal emerging from an uncharted planet. In addition, of course with the super hero instinct kicking in as evident with every super hero, Captain Comic plots a new course to the new planet and find out what's going on.

First off, the game looks exactly like its predecessor. You can consider that a good thing or a bad thing, it really does not make too much of a difference. There seems to be more colour with the different environments that you explore.  Each has more detail than I thought, and it's not as limited. Control wise, it's still the same, and you can redefine your controls, as always.  The additions being though, that you can switch your weapons, and that you can collect much more items than the last game. Sound wise, it hasn't been improved much.  Sound effects are pretty much the same, and no music to speak of, except when entering a new part of a level. The added detailed story really makes the game more interesting than the last one, since it is not so vague.

The controls are still a bit loose, especially when jumping, so that will take some time to get used too. As well as that, the speed of captain comic is occasionally a bit slow.  You will see what I mean in some parts of the game, where his speed sometimes hurts.

Still, this was a very interesting title.  Pretty good for the genre, and definitely worth while playing if you have played the first one. So check out Captain Comic 2, and see if he can save the day again!

Review by: DeathDude

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