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Made by: Niklas Wahrman
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Interesting graphic style
Easy controls
Cool music
Similar environments

Well it is time to once again experience the outdoors. That's right the great outdoors full of dangerous obstacles, water pits where you can sink and blob like enemies that can do a number on your health. This is the world of Cadog in a nutshell, where danger is always ready to prevent you from getting to the end and well there are other surprises waiting for you along the way. In this game, what you get is an interesting graphic style, with some cool music and easy controls that really help you get into the game fast and start exploring away.

The controls are really simplified in this game. Move with the arrow keys, up is to jump and the shift key is to run. You will need to use the run key occasionally for the long inconvenient platforms that were built in these levels. I mean really imagine people getting by day to day with these air platforms, having to jump on to them and knowing that if they miss their jump, death will soon follow. That is unless they have some extra lives. Any ways basically the objective is to get to the exit of each level, very similar to many platform games like Mario and you can jump on your enemies heads, just like Mario.

The graphics style used in this game was very different to see. It was nice I thought not too fancy but it really was different from the norm you see out there in this genre so props for that. As well, the game uses a tilt a world sort of concept, which did not expect. Basically as you move the world tilts clockwise, if you move back it tilts back counter clock wise. Can imagine this might make some dizzy so you have been warned, I did not experience anything but thought it was a unique idea. The music as well was nice and relaxing to hear, fits in with the game nicely granted there are only a few of them but oh wells still good ones to hear.

Unfortunately the game suffers with the use of the same backgrounds over and over which really thought some variety could have been thrown in that area. Other than that, some slowdowns occasionally happen which can be annoying especially when jumping across the pits of doom!

However, this was a unique platform game that is good if you just want to sit down and start playing right away. So check out Cadog Adventures and see what it is all about for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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