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Made by: Syndicate Studios
Website: http://www.syndicatestudios.tk/
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Loading pauses
Graphics/movement bugs
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Don't let the title scare you away; Butterfly 660 is anything but sweet and sugary! A rather cinematic platformer, Butterfly's graphical variation and fast-paced plot will keep you hooked until you finish it.

The plot revolves around Mobile Infiltration Unit Class 660, codenamed "Butterfly" (hence the name), a top-secret Swiss robot designed to penetrate a secret facility recently discovered in the Egyptian desert. Your mission is to infiltrate the facility and find out why Swiss secret agents have been going missing. The plot moves really quickly - after each small section, and even while you are still trying to complete a certain objective, your Swiss superiors will contact you and update you on your current situation after analyzing your reports. Unfortunately, the plot moves almost too fast; before you know it you will have beaten the game, which takes about two and a half hours to complete.

The plot itself is engaging, with a few twists to hold your interest and prevent the "go-here-do-that-now-go-do-this" repetitiveness of many games today, but what is really outstanding are the graphics. Granted, there are a few layering bugs with them, but, on the whole, they are fresh and new. At first glance, there might not be a lot to look at, but when you stop to consider how each and every new area has its own unique objects and tilesets, and many objects (and flayed scientists, for that matter) are only used once in the entire game. Lots of games, especially platformers, just use the same graphics over and over again and, sooner or later, it gets old. The masses of unique graphics in Butterfly are what keep this game fresh the whole time.

The outtakes are no exception to this rule; as your reward for completing the game, you get the ability to access every level (which makes watching your favorite cutscenes over and over again convenient), and outtakes. Both the cutscenes and outtakes are of great quality, each sporting unique graphics on par with the style of the whole game.

Unfortunately, there are bugs present that could have been fixed. Every so often a graphical layering bug can be seen (like when Butterfly's body is in front of a bullet or light ray), which detracts from the overall experience. Unnecessary loading pauses when a level starts also kill the mood; sometimes when a level starts, the game will freeze, and load the rest of the level. A simple "Loading..." screen could have solved this problem without interrupting the mood and feel of the game. Ironically, as a platform game, the platform movement is very awkward. There is a lot of "sliding" around when jumping from one platform to another, and it is sometimes hard to see what you are even jumping toward. Finally, sometimes a lengthy cutscene takes place before a hard part of the level that cannot be skipped; everyone knows how annoying it is to wait for a cutscene that you've seen ten times to finish. Thankfully, this does not happen enough to be a real problem, but it is still somewhat annoying.

Sadly, small bugs and annoyances that could have been fixed take the polish off, and prevent Butterfly 660 from getting a better score. But that does not mean you still cannot enjoy it - overall, it is a solid game that mixes cinematic and graphical elements to make an otherwise fairly stale platformer an enjoyable one.

Review by: greywolforiginal

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