Bump N Jump Bump N Jump
Made by: Lysozyme
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Interesting concept
Twenty levels
Easy controls
One music track
Annoying beeping sound effect
Similar looking environments

Time for a different sort of racing concept. It is not just enough to be the car that goes the fastest and maintains the lead against their opponents. Oh no the stakes are higher, now it is time for some mayhem. How so you may ask? Well by ramming other cars off the road to get the coveted high score. Ah yes the high score back in the day, those were the days. Memories aside, that is the main concept of this game, where as a crazy driver your goal is to knock other cars off the road. Dare they mess with you all the while avoiding the same fate, avoiding obstacles and just trying to get to the end of each level as soon as you can. It is a unique concept, based on a remake of the same name from a ways back, and really just simple sit down and quick gaming.

Not really a story to go on for this game, just driving as fast as you can, granted the limit is 220 miles per hour so well as fast as 220 for justice and peace and more or something. Heck you can make up a story why trying to ram cars off the road. Let us see, maybe it is someone who is late for work and trying to beat the other workers because there is a turkey lunch happening. That's right a turkey lunch and bam there you go, that's why speeding like a maniac. Alternatively, you could think up another reason use your imagination.

It's an interesting idea this one, usually with most racing titles it's just race to the end get there the fastest. It has been done before but you do not see it as often these days, so it separates it from the pack. There are over 20 levels you can explore, each with their own sorts of challenges and obstacles. You will need fast reflexes and a good eye for some of the later ones when the challenges such as a bit of jumping are required. Oh that is right, your car is equipped with super shocks it seems, that allows you to propel your car into the air once you reach 100 miles per hour, how and why, who knows. However, it will help with some challenges and even get you more points if you land your car on another. Rather than just bumping them off the road. Finally, the controls are easy enough to get used to, up and down to accelerate, and decelerate. Left and right to steer and space bar to jump.

There is only one music track, sounds like a flute melody. It is alright it's not bad or anything, interesting choice for this type of game, but since it loops it may get on your nerves after awhile. That is not as bad as the annoying sound effect that you will hear when you are approaching jumps. It's not that bad when you don't have many in the beginning but when there are puzzles that require you to jump twice in succession without crashing or falling in the water. It really gets on your nerves to hear it over and over. Oh and best part of it, you cannot turn it off, minus muting the volume. Finally, most of the environments look the same, even when the seasons change they still look different. Just with a shade of a different colour, green most of the time, but white for winter, would have been nice to see some more variety.

Still this was a fun game for the time being and if you want something quick to play, this title should entertain you for awhile. Check it out, its called Bump N Jump.

Review by: DeathDude

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