Bruce Lee Bruce Lee
Made by: Mark Rosten
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Improved enemy A.I
Graphics look like original
Good challenge
Not much sound
Only 2 enemy types

In his fortress, a wizard has the secrets to wealth and immortality and is not willing to just share those secrets with just anyone. Fortunately for you, you are not just anyone. You are Bruce Lee! Unfortunately for you, the only thing that is simple about this game is knowing what your goal is. Standing between you and your goal is over several dozen rooms filled with immortal warriors and cunning traps. You might become an immortal if the wizard and his minions don't end up killing you first.

No one said immortality and wealth was going to be easy.

Bruce lee is a remake of a classic Commodore 64 game and is an excellent tribute to the original classic. The graphics and sounds have kept their original looks and feels which exactly what the programmers intended. The main difference is that now some of the enemy AI is a bit improved over the original.

In this pure arcade action game, you must jump and climb as well as run from screen to screen using the directional keys, and Bruce has the ability to punch or do a flying kick to keep his immortal enemies at bay. You have 5 lives to find the power to live forever. You must find the lanterns that are in each of the rooms, which opens new doors for you to explore.

You will have two foes that will do what they can to keep you from advancing towards your goal. Your enemies consist of the dark ninja with his Bokken stick and Yamo, the somewhat green martial artist, who can do the same moves as our hero Bruce Lee. You can knock them down or avoid them, but if they fall these immortal thugs will always soon be coming back for more punishment. Other obstacles include PAN lights that race across the floor, flame bursts, and deadly blade trapsâ?Šand the wizard himself may want to give you a final word about wanting to take his secrets. (In other wordsâ?Šlook out!)

The graphics in Bruce Lee are not overwhelming in contrast to some of the new titles, but the designers intended to reproduce the original graphics that were used on the older commodore computers, and they do wonderful. While they the will not awe you, the graphics are very functional and does not take away from the game play.

The sounds are also true to the original and while they are there, they are not really needed. You can hear a chirp when you find the lantern and you will hear your footsteps as you run from room to room. When Yamo appears and does his kick he occasionally makes a war cry that sounds more like a "Moo." The opening music isn't bad at all, and will give a tear to memory to many former Commodore users.

What this game lacks in updated graphics and sound effects, it makes up for and exceeds in challenge! Even on the easy level this game will give your fingers and your mind a workout, and while you might get frustrated and die quite a bit, you will want to keep coming back for more. The first few rooms will give you a sense of false security as you learn the controls, but as you got further in the game that traps get more cunning and you realize how much that Wizard really doesn't want you around. Not for the faint of hearted.

So for all you pure arcade action gamers out there, don't miss this immortal classic about an immortal legend.

Review by: Doc Adrian

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