Brainstorm Brainstorm
Made by: Gordon King
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Very addictive
Nice music
Very colourful
Music gets repetitive
Game can be frustratingly hard

Brainstorm is a remake of the old classic Spectrum game.  It was originally made by Firebird Software Ltd, but this remake is by Gordon King, and released in 2004.  This is a very addictive puzzle game.  The idea is to trap your ball in a red area of the screen using 3 coloured (red, green and yellow) lines that you can move around.  If you end the level with a higher score than what you started with, you can progress to the next level.

Sounds simple doesn't it.  Well it's not!

As I said, you have to trap your ball in a red area to gain points.  However, if your ball goes into a pink area, then you lose points.  If you hit a green area, your ball is transported to a different area of the screen.  All other colours do not affect you. 

So how do you control it?  When you first start a level, you will see 3 dots (red, green and yellow) at the bottom of your screen.  These are the 'lines' you use to trap the ball.  Just left-click your mouse anywhere in the screen, and your line (red starts by default) will move to where you clicked.  You have 3 lines, and you can switch between them by right clicking your mouse.  The current colour in use is shown at the bottom of the screen.  The ball bounces of the edge of the screen as well as your lines, so you can use that to your advantage or disadvantage.  Sometimes it seems like the ball has a mind of its own, and will not go where you want it to go!

Down the right-hand side is your current score, the score you must beat, and the time you have left to complete that level.  Just remember that your score can go down as well as up!  It also shows which level you are currently playing.  There are no 'save points' in this game, but you can choose which level to start on. 

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The graphics are really quite basic - just blocks of colour.  However, do not let that put you off.  It is this simplicity that makes the game so appealing. 

There is some nice music that goes along with this game, but this gets quite repetitive after a while.  I recommend unplugging your speakers, and playing your favourite cd instead.

This is one addictive game and you will find yourself playing it again and again.  It is very much a 'Just One More Go' type of game.

I give this game 3.5.

Review by: Frodo

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