Brain Hotel Brain Hotel
Made by: Pinhead Games
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Interesting story line
Good voice work
Funny characters
Hardly any music
But one save slot

The unlikeliest of heroes usually are the ones that you least suspect to save the day, much less stop an evil plan from happening. Especially when that evil plan is being held where there are many super villains! Well that's where our delivery guy Ed Arnold steps in; A simple delivery of a package soon turns into an evil plot full of evilness and much more. He may not want to stop this plan but really, what choice does he have as an unlikely hero? In this title, what we have is a nice blend of an interesting story, great voice work that is included in the game and some funny characters that wrap it up nicely. This makes for an interesting experience with this title.

On a routine delivery for a client, Ed Arnold stumbles upon a hotel where a super villain convention is being held. However, things do not start off so smoothly when Ed can't even get into the hotel to deliver the package, and soon he must formulate a plan to be able to enter. It then goes that point as you encounter villains, a robot, and even a clone all entertain in this game.

Graphically the game adopts a very sort of comic based style. It is not the prettiest mind you but since the game is based on the comic, it does a very nice job all around, from the characters and the environments it’s all done very well, I thought. Even the animations of some of the characters are very well done. From the walking cycles, just the movements are very interesting to see. As with other games by the developer, all the characters in it have voices. All the voices for the different characters are done very well, I did not find any voices that did not really seem to be just okay, but all are above average I thought. It is good to see that voice work was used in the game as it really adds to the experience. The unique characters are also interesting to see, some of them are really out there in their personalities and actions. Still though they are entertaining and should give you a few laughs.

One issue had with the game was lack of music. There is some but hardly any in game. It would have been nice to have some more in game but I can imagine the addition of voices was probably the reason why there was not much of it. Also there’s only one save slot, which can be a burden, especially for gamers who like to save a bunch to try out different scenarios and ideas they may have.

Still though, this was an enjoyable game and definitely worth a look. It's got a unique style and hopefully you'll enjoy it.


Review by: DeathDude

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Windows or Macintosh, Macromedia Flash
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