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Good bowling conversion
Interesting first person view
Others can play on same comput
No music

Time to check out another bowling title.  This one still is being developed by the developers, as they mention on their site, but the game is complete.  What you get is a simple bowling game where you can play some 10-Pin action or even try out the challenge mode where you can try some of the hardest shots that bowlers sometimes have to face like the infamous 7-10 split. You can also play with some friends on the same computer up to 4 players can join in the bowling festivities, and when you are done, you can submit your high scores to their website. This game has a fair amount of features present, and does give you another bowling choice to try out.

The game starts off with actually a first person perspective of the bowling alley. You can move your mouse cursor to aim where you want to throw your ball.  Once you do, your bowler will take the same sort of steps a real bowler will take and throw the ball. While your bowler is moving, you can determine even more by putting a spin on the ball, or by moving your bowler left or right to determine where precisely the ball will be thrown.  It takes a bit of time to get used to this, but it shouldn’t take too long.

Graphically the game looks alright.  It doesn’t really stand out too much, but the bowling lanes, pins, and the ball itself all look nicely done in the grand scheme of things. The actual bowling mechanics is done very nicely and has been converted to the real thing.  From the movement of the bowler, to the throwing of the ball, and even the pins themselves when they are hit; all these traits have been accomplished. The first person view itself was a bit different to see, but was nice to see implemented as it gives a much more realistic view and conversion of the game.

The fact that you can participate with up to 4 other players in the game really is a good feature to see. For bowling games especially, it is good to have someone else to play with as the game is based on competition and really does drive you to perform harder than your opponent and emerge victorious.

There is no music in this game at all, so load up a media player if you want to listen to some tunes. Even with 10 pin bowling and the challenge mode, the game still seems a bit empty.  I'm not sure what could be added, but perhaps different variations like 5 pin bowling or different challenges.

Still, this was an enjoyable bowling game, and you should check it out if you’re a fan of the genre. It’s called Bowling Evolution, see it for yourself.


Review by: DeathDude

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Hot Seat
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Safe for all ages
Windows 2000\\XP\\Vista
DirectX 9 or above
1 GHz processor
15 Mb free disk space
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