Blues Brothers RPG Blues Brothers RPG
Made by: Moonlight Productions
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Interesting story
Great music
No save points
One killed character ends game

The Blues Brothers are back again! That's right, the dynamic team of Elwood and Jake that caused so much mayhem and destruction in their many adventures so long ago are once again on a mission. It is not from god this time around, but still that will not stop our two heroes from doing their duty as they go forth to prevent a possible world war! That's right it is so big we could have another world war. How and why? Well, you will see. In Blues Brothers RPG, we have a generally good game, with an interesting story, some great music, and an easy-to-pick-up battle system. However, the lack of save points and the fact that if one of your characters dies, you have to start over make this a tough game to beat.

The story begins with Elwood being released from prison and meeting his brother Jake outside, who tells him some shocking details. First, it appears he has another brother! A long lost brother that Elwood never knew about and who is in jail. According to Jake, the reason he is in jail is that he was trying to build a 1/100th-scale model of the Columbia space shuttle. Apparently, it will be launched to destroy a satellite in the atmosphere and thus prevent another world war from breaking out. Quite the plot, isn't it?

Blues Brothers RPG uses the real time system of an RPG, meaning that all battles are fought in real time, that's the best way to put it. Basically it comes down to who gets the first blow in, you or your opponent - a good choice in this sort of game. Graphically, the game looks well-done overall. A lot of effort went into the game it seems, with the different environments and locations you visit, and it looks very nice. Although the story is pretty out there, it still is entertaining and interesting to play through, as that's the goal of the game, a silly goal but a goal nevertheless. Personally I enjoyed the blues-style music in the game, it makes sense with it being the Blues Brothers after all, and if you've seen the movies, then this sort of music fits. Some nice choices were used, although the main theme music, which would have been nice to hear, is absent.

Now here's the thing. This is an RPG right? So um why are there no save points? The RPG rule of thumb says that there should be save points. Okay, maybe it doesn't say that, but really, an RPG without save points? Well, there are none here, so you have to beat the game in one sitting. In addition, if one of your characters dies, either Elwood or Jake, then the game ends, and you have to start from the beginning. So yes, this can be very frustrating. The game also lacks some of the elements of an RPG; there is no real leveling up that I noticed, you don't collect weapons - you have a health meter, and there is battling in realtime, but it just doesn't seem wholly RPGish to me.

Still this was an amusing title with the whole Blues Brothers concept, and it was interesting to try. So if you're interested in this sort of idea, give Blues Brothers RPG a shot.

Review by: DeathDude

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