Ben There, Dan That Ben There, Dan That
Made by: Zombie Cow Studios
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Well written story
Fun, quirky graphics
Lots of humour
Slow walking speed
Dialogue can drag on a bit


Ben and Dan are room-mates who just so happen to be independent game developers.  After a hair-raising adventure in Peru, in which Dan became a zombie for a short time(!), the boys return home to relax.  And what better way to relax, than to watch some television?  Their favourite programme is about to start, and Ben and Dan are eager to watch it.  Unfortunately, the aerial doesn't work.  Luckily, the boys are clever chaps, and they are able to make a new aerial for the TV.  Finally, they can watch Magnum P.I. 

Um, what just happened?  Ben and Dan suddenly find themselves on a strange alien spaceship.  How did they get there?  And more importantly, how do they get home again?  The door to their apartment is here (as well as many other doors), but it is locked.  Well, there is only one thing for it.  The boys must explore this strange place, and find a way to get through that door, and back home.  Unbeknown to Ben and Dan, two weird aliens who are trying to take over the world seem to think it's important to keep Ben and Dan occupied. They take great pleasure in watching them jump through hoops.  So what will become of Ben and Dan?  Will they ever return home or are they doomed to be trapped on that spaceship forever?  There's only one way to find out... 



Ben There, Dan That is a hilarious comedy adventure game starring Ben Ward and Dan Marshall.  You play as Ben, but can use Dan to complete certain tasks.  The game pokes fun at a lot of subjects, such as old games (and game developers), America, religion, and more.  But it is done with a lot of humour, and will have you chuckling to yourself.  However, a lot of the humour may not be suitable for younger players.   

The game is controlled using the mouse, so it is very simple to play.  Right-click your mouse to cycle through all the various cursors, such as Walk, Look, Pick Up, Talk, and Dan (yes, Dan even has his own icon that Ben can use).  Left-click your mouse to use the selected icon, and interact with the game world.  Move your mouse up to top of the screen to get access to your inventory, as well as being able to Save, Load, or Quit. 



The graphics are wonderfully quirky.  Ben and Dan have the most hilarious walking cycle that I have ever seen.  On the other hand, their slow walking speed can be annoying at times.  The whole game has an unusual 'crooked' style, and it reminds me very much of Day Of The Tentacle.  Your inventory (shown at top of screen) is stored in bag on a stick, which is quite amusing.  Click on Up and Down arrows to scroll through different pages of your inventory.  When talking to someone, then conversation is displayed as text on screen.  The conversations are hilarious, but sometimes they can go on for too long and you find yourself quickly clicking through it.  There is a lot of detail in this game.  Even the cursors are a pleasure to see. 



Sound effects are very subtle in Ben There, Dan That.  They are used sparingly, and with great effect.  In Ben and Dan's flat, you can hear background traffic, as well as a dog barking.  Background 'sci fi' noises in the spaceship are a lovely touch, and they don't overpower the game.  I love the 'whooshing' sound as you enter different dimensions, as well as the 'clicky' sound when picking up an item.  Clicking sounds in the game development office are very effective, with everyone typing away on their keyboards.  Music in the elevator is very bland, just as elevator music should be.  Even the Chuckie Egg arcade machine had arcadey beeps and bops when someone was playing on it.  Just wonderful!  



Ben There, Dan That is a hilarious adventure game that I highly recommend.  The creators, Ben Ward and Dan Marshall, obviously had a blast while making this game, and it is filled with in-jokes and comedy.  They were obviously inspired by old LucasArts games such as Day Of The Tentacle, and Full Throttle.  Just look at the boys living room!  The dialogue is very well written, with lots of humour.  The plot is brilliant with the aliens keeping Ben and Dan occupied as they try to take over the world.  Zany graphics and bright colours really add a lot of appeal to the game, and make it fun to play, although the slow walking speed can get slightly annoying at times.  Conversations are shown as text on screen, but can drag on a little bit sometimes.  Sound effects are quiet, and don't over power the game, and adds a little bit of suspense.  Any adventure fan is sure to love this game.  So what are you waiting for?  Start downloading it. 

Review by: Frodo

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