Beats of Rage Beats of Rage
Made by: Senile Team
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3 different characters
Nice graphics
Easy controls
Weak story
Some cheap enemies

It's time to fight back. When the police are not able to stop the crimes and problems of the city, it's up to 3 heroes who can make a difference to make an impact, to stop the problems, to take the law into their own hands. Enter the heroes of Beats of Rage, who in this game all try to stop the criminals on the streets, fighting their way past many levels and taking down those who get in their path.

The storyline is very reminiscent of an old game where much has been borrowed. The classic Streets of Rage series, which made its start on the Sega Genesis, has been revamped and changed. In fact the story from Streets of Rage 2 pretty much makes a triumphant return. It appears Mr. X, oh, I mean Mr. Y has broken free from prison and has begun to take over the city. Crime begins to become a problem, as the streets become an unsafe place to be. So that's when 3 fighters step forward to fight for freedom, to fight and bring peace back to the city. It's very similar to the Streets of Rage 2 story; a little more originality would have been nice.

Graphically the game also bears some resemblance to Streets of Rage 2, but that isn't a bad thing though. The graphics of the characters in the game are done very nicely, and the animations are also done nicely. There were some frame skips but it was probably the speed of the computer, as you can see by the low system requirements, so it wasn't really much of an issue. Controls are easy to pull off in the game, not many keys to remember for your moves, and if you wish you can redefine them to suit whatever keys you want to use.

Other than the weak story that I have already mentioned, there really is only one other issue. and that would be the cheapness of some enemies. This as you may already know about them if you've played a side scrolling fighting game like Streets of Rage before. Annoying to say the least, but then again that's why your hero has a special to clear away the enemies. ;)

Overall this is a very excellent side scrolling fighting game that will surely give you some memories. And with 3 different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses you will have a different experience each time. Definitely check out Beats of Rage and prepare for a butt kicking experience.

Review by: DeathDude

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53,7 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for ages: 13+
-Pentium processor (90 MHz)
- Maybe DOSBox or VDM Sound if you're on a computer with Windows 2000 or XP audemars piguet replica
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