Battle Tanks Battle Tanks
Made by: Vladimir “Whoozle” Menshakov, Alexander “Methos” Wagner, Vladimir “Private Face” Zhuravlev, Vladimir “Petrovich” Volkov, Leonid “Dark Matter” Volkov
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Plenty of action
Decent music
Good number of maps to play

Destruction, chaos, and blowing up whatever is in your way.  On the surface, that is the premise of Battle Tanks, an action like game using tanks, complete with cartoony like graphics that looks really good. There is plenty to see and do in this game and if you would like to tackle some of the maps with a friend cooperatively, you can do that. You can even play online cooperatively if you wish. While some of the maps provided involve completing mission objectives, others are just for having some fun, blowing up tanks a la death match style.  Battle Tanks is a well-rounded, finely developed game, which takes the concept of arcade like militaristic combat, and makes it look good and provides a fun experience all around.

When you start up the game, you have your choice of single player, joining a game (in case you plan to play online with someone), or modifying the options where you can redefine the keys, fiddle with the sound settings or change the resolution and whatnot. Now pick a game mode, which will bring you to the maps screen where you have your choice of eleven maps to choose. Some of the maps are pure death match types of maps, where you can assign a different number of bots, each map has a different maximum number of bots per map. If you want to play some mission based maps, there are a few of them, some of which are quite vast, and shall challenge your skills.

Whichever mode you choose, you will start out either on foot or in a tank. If you start out on foot, you still have the ability to use your machine gun to fight the enemies, ranging from simple soldiers, to guard towers, and of course other tanks. Luckily, for you, with some exploration, you will find plenty of vehicles that you will be able to “borrow” from.  From tanks, to missile carrying trucks to bigger tanks, you will have to use these vehicles and select which ones you will use in a mission. The tanks and vehicles will eventually respawn after some time has passed and your character also respawns after you are killed on the battlefield, but you still have to tread carefully. There are also powerups and different items that you can collect on your journey to defeat the enemies such as different types of missiles, health packs, and even troops (which can only be collected in a specific type of tank) that will help you out to lay the smack down on those who oppose you.

There is plenty of action to sink your teeth into in this game. From the death match maps, to the mission based maps, there is plenty to experience in each map. Some are challenging, others not so much, but each one provides different varieties of challenges and the majority provide different settings for you to see, all of which look quite nice. The graphics in Battle Tanks looks quite nice as you are playing the game, and it does not take a high-end system to get a solid frame rate going with this game. There are some issues with a few of the maps, with your tank not being to reach certain areas, but since the game is continually being developed, it should hopefully be fixed within the next release. Nevertheless, the issues mentioned are nothing super serious or anything, just minor things.  The game is quite well developed, with hardly any other issues that I encountered.

The music in the game is all right.  I personally found it to be just a bit out of place with the game, being a bit too upbeat. On the other hand, I did eventually start to enjoy listening to it after a few rounds, as the tunes are catchy, so it is still a positive aspect of the game that is enjoyable.

With eleven maps to explore, each one allowing the choice of death match or mission based objectives, I found that there is plenty to play through. Just the right amount, although there is slightly more death match maps than mission based ones, it all balances well, and I didn’t mind that there was that discrepancy, all in all it was great to see that amount being offered.

There really are no other concerns with the game that I can think of at the top of my head, the game is continually being developed as I mentioned earlier and I cannot wait to see what changes are going to be coming.

So if you like, lots of action, with tanks, and just a general overall arcade feeling to the whole experience, Battle Tanks is the game for you to try and see in action.

Review by: DeathDude

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Multiplayer modes:
Hot Seat
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Violence, blood
Safe for ages: 13+
Windows, Linux
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