Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday - Chapter 3 Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday - Chapter 3
Made by: TackyWorld
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Lots of jokes and humour
Wonderful art and music
Lots of areas to explore
Tricky door & MailBot puzzles


The saga continues. Arc 19 is in chaos as The Big Crazy takes hold. Clocks are working again, looters are running riot, and society as we know it is breaking down. Something MUST be done! Fear not! Our hero, Prick Peckard, is on the case. Or rather, Prick and Harry are on the case. Much to Prick's frustration, he has been teamed up with Inspector Harry Sachs, and together, they must find a way to end this madness.

Now things get interesting in Chapter 3, as they reach a breakthrough. A signal has been detected, and the team thinks this signal is the cause of what has been happening to Arc 19. The only problem is, this signal is located in the BGCZ (Blue Grass Containment Zone) - an area that doesn't officially exist. So Prick, who has been there before, must travel to the BGCZ to investigate. Once there, he has to place 4 transmitters, one in each corner of the region, in order to triangulate the signal (work that one out if you can! Hehe), and shut it down. The drawback, as Prick sees it, is that his partner Harry Sachs must go with him. Nevertheless, they must work together, in order to put up the 4 transmitters, and locate the source of the signal.

Make sure you watch past the end credits for an interesting development. The plot thickens!!!



The third chapter of The Forever Friday continues the story of The Big Crazy swooping through Arc 19: Evansville. The game has 2 sections (or 3, if you have Arcade Mode switched on). The first section features Dr Noriko in Arc 19, as she tries to repair her beloved 'Blue Jackal' car, that she built from scratch. This is the car that Prick & Harry will take into the BGCZ, so she has to refuel it, as well as finding the fuel chip. In (the optional) section 2, you play as Harry Sachs, as him and Prick travel to the BGCZ. This is an arcade section, and only appears if you have Arcade Mode turned on. Section 3 is the longest part, and this is where our beloved Prick Peckard takes over.

As in previous Barn Runner games, the main menu gives you the option of starting a New Game, Loading an old game, setting Arcade Mode on or off, and setting Director's Cut Mode on or off. When you start a New Game, you can enter a Campaign Code if you wish. These are codes given at the end of the previous chapter. But don't worry, you can play the game without entering a campaign code. You can also turn Arcade Mode on or off at any point in the game, giving you the option to play the arcade scenes, or skipping them. The whole game is very well written, with lots of hilarious dialogue.

I love all the areas you can explore in this game. Everything from Clem's General Store (I LOVE Clem's moustache!), to Honky Tonka Truckstop, to the Amish Farm is wonderful to see. And I love how you start out with a simple quest - put up some transmitters. But you can't do that, until you complete a side-quest for someone. And you can't complete the side-quest, until you do something else. So you're working on all these mini-quests at the same time. It's wonderful! The puzzles are well thought out, and great fun to solve. The only bits I found tricky, were bypassing the door (as Noriko), and repairing the MailBot (as Prick). The running joke about Prick wearing pajamas (his flight suit) makes me laugh every time! And the amazing 'Box Of Stuff' has so much weird and wonderful stuff in it. I don't know how Ponch (the game creator) managed to think of so many things! Kudos to him for that! Hilde the talking cow was another character that made me laugh. Clem and his General Store was excellent, as was Cole in the postal bunker.



Graphics in The Forever Friday are just wonderful. There are so many little 'effects' that you will enjoy. The game is bright and colourful, which gives it a lovely cartoony feel. The Amish farm is lovely to see. The MailBot is so cute and adorable, you can't help but love him. Rats in Bobbi's Filling Station, and Beaverines at the Old Bridge, are... um... unusual, but don't get too close! The Tar Paper Shack is a fascinating place. Just make sure you don't get mistaken for the postman, lol! But my favourite place has to be the Honky Tonka Truck Stop, with Scuzzy Pete, the cook.



There is a good variety of music in The Forever Friday, and it always seems to fit in with the current situation. It changes frequently, depending on the situation, so you can't get bored with it. Sometimes it's amusing, but sometimes it's quite sinister.



The Forever Friday: Chapter 3 is a wonderful adventure game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. The whole story is well written, and it will have you hooked from start to finish. There are so many wonderful areas to explore. Trying to put up all 4 transmitters was fun, and puzzles are well thought out. The running joke of Prick wearing pajamas was hilarious. Allowing you the option to enter code from the previous chapter is a nice touch, so you can carry on any side quests from the previous game. I did miss Prick's monologing this time round, but he was just so busy, he didn't have time to monologue. Hilde the cow made me laugh - where else would you meet a talking cow? The game is easy to play, and customisable controls allow you to skip arcade sequences or turn Director's Mode on and off at any time. Graphics are equally impressive. Strong, bright colours are used, which gives it quite a cartoony feel. Music is varied, and always seemed to suit the situation. My only minor complaint is the tricky 'Bypassing The Door' puzzle, and 'Repairing The MailBot' puzzle. A lot of work has gone into this game, and it shows. So what are you waiting for? Go and download it now!


Review by: Frodo

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