Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From The Cold Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From The Cold
Made by: TackyWorld
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Funny story
Nice style of graphics
Good humour
Quite short

Detective Prick Peckard is a Barn Runner for the Robot Crimes Division.  Barn Runners are specially trained to deal with runaway robots, and Prick Peckard is one of the best.  It is Christmas Eve, and he has been tracking a renegade robot for the last 3 days.  He finally corners the robot in the Blue Grass Containment Zone - an area that does not officially exist.  Prick Peckard cannot call for back-up, so he has to take down the killer robot on his own.  He just wants to get the job done, and then go home for Christmas.  Is that too much to ask? 

After the final showdown, Prick Peckard heads back to his car.  He is eager to unwrap all his Christmas presents.  But wouldn't you know it; he has locked his keys in the car.  Will he EVER be home in time for Christmas?  Seems like there is nothing else for it - Prick must find a way to break into his own car, and escape from the Blue Grass Containment Zone. 


The game is controlled by the mouse, and uses a simple point-and-click interface.  There are words at the top of the screen (move your mouse up there to see them) to Walk \ Look \ Touch \ Talk etc.  Click on Gear to see what inventory items you have.  To move around, just click on an area of the screen and Prick Peckard will move there.  There are also options to save a game, load a game, or quit, which are also shown at the top of the screen. 

There is a lot of humour in the game, which made me laugh.  Even in the intro, Prick tells us he would feel sorry for the robot., if it hadn't been trying to kill him for the last 3 days.  And all he wants now, is to go home for Christmas.  I found the old man in the hut very hilarious, and I loved the comments he came out with.  However, the game is rather short so there are not many puzzles.


The graphics are nice and colourful, which makes the game fun to play.  I liked the style that was used - almost like watching a cartoon. If you look carefully, you will find some amusing treats - seeing CP30 in the rubbish dump really appealed to me!    Prick's movements are very smooth and clear. 


The music is quite cheerful, and fun to listen to.  Unfortunately, it can get a little bit repetitive after a while.  You may prefer to turn your speakers off, and listen to your own cd.


This is a fun adventure game that you will enjoy playing.  There is a lot of humour, and it was fun to find all the wee hidden extras in the game.  I liked the style of graphics used, as everything was very clear and sharp.  The music was pleasant, but got slightly repetitive after a while.  The game was rather short, but just fine if you have an hour to kill.  Why not give it a try, and see what you think?

Review by: Frodo

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Occasional violence, some animated violence
Safe for ages: 13+
Windows 95\\98\\2000\\ME\\XP

64 MB Ram

DirectX compatible sound card & video card

500 MHz processor

6 MB hard drive space
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