Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair
Made by: TackyWorld
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Interesting story
Funny dialogue
Short adventure
Music annoying

The future looks bright in this adventure game. Robots take care of many of the tasks, since humans are a lazy bunch of people. It has been Friday 5:01 for the longest time, a 3-day weekend for all the humans, but since no one has fixed the clocks the robots continue to work forever and ever. Okay maybe not that long but it seems like it that is when it begins to unfold a mystery. It is time to enter the shoes of Detective Prick Peckard and solve the mystery in Barn Runner: The Armageddon Ă?clair Part 1.

The main jest of the story is that there has been an incident regarding a missing robot, apparently this robot is out there somewhere, unsupervised, doing whatever it pleases, this cannot be.  So the boss of Prick Peckards orders him to find out where this robot is and find out what it's doing out there, a mystery is upon us once again.

Graphics in the game are done for the most part alright, nothing too fancy, and nothing really makes them all that special except the style, but for the most part it is done well. The character models look fine and do not take away the look from the game. The dialogue that is spoken in the game is done nicely and I found there were some humorous parts, especially the opening monologue with Prick talking like every detective does, so the wittiness was spot on for this title. Things as well such as puzzles are not too difficult to accomplish in the game but considering the game's length it can be understandable.

Which brings me to the game's length this is part one of the series, when you download this title both parts will be included, so this game is actually short. Understandable since it is in two parts but at least there is no waiting that you have to do with most adventure games that only give you one part. Then you have to wait for the 2nd part to be released. I also found the music not to be that great, kind of annoying but that is just my take on it.

Still the game did draw me in and want me to get onto the next part so it is a worthy play and you should definitely try it. Its called Barn Runner: The Armageddon Ă?clair Part 1, check it out.

Note: Once you finish the first part of this series you will receive a password to unlock the 2nd part.

Review by: DeathDude

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7,4 MB
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Safe for all ages
Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, or XP
128 Mb of RAM
DirectX compliant sound and video cards.
500 MHz processor
46 Mb hard drive space
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