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Made by: Gamer Necessary (Team Noise)
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Decent graphics
Fun action
Alright music
Only three maps
Only one weapon choice per car
Weird controls

Ah there's nothing like a little car combat to get some of the aggression out of one's system. Yup it's not often you see car combat games around, and well this title is a fun representation of the car combat idea in the game AttacCar. Although with the strange name aside, what you get is 3 maps, 4 different vehicles to choose from and a lot of action to face.

Don't expect much of a story in this game; it's just straight action combat for you to experience. Basically pick a vehicle, pick a map and your on your way, you can play against the computer or if you wish you can even play over a LAN. The first thing though that I have to mention even before you start off the game is the weird controls. First off you will notice when you start up the game, the enter key doesn't work, like usual for most games to select. That's because the developer decided to map that function to the z key. Why? I have no idea, but letting you know so you don't jab at your keyboard for 15 minutes wondering how to start the game. Other keys to know while playing, x to brake, c to fire and v to get a boost of turbo, and the arrow keys to steer.

Graphically the game looks fairly alright, wasn't expecting fancy graphics for this kind of game but they were of alright quality and didn't take away from the experience, can't have too fancy graphics anyway when the focus is on action. The action itself is also a blast, as you try and destroy your opponent, the controls will take some time getting used to, but eventually it's not hard to be driving around and blasting away. The music too was a fun listen and wasn't a bother.

What the game lacks is more variety. Only 4 vehicles, 3 maps and 1 weapon per vehicle really was something disappointing to see, would have been nice to be able to pick up different weapons or at least some more maps to play in, other than the 3 which was really the only disappointment with this game.

But if your looking for just action and no frills gaming, this game should tide you over for awhile, it's called AttacCar, check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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