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Superb graphics
Pretty interesting race idea
Only one course

Time to rev up the engine from your powerboat, and get ready to race against the other foolish drivers who think they are better than you are. That's right, it's racing time!  And this time, you have to be the fastest and most skilled from your opponents if you expect to win this race. In Aquadelic, what we have here is a great looking powerboat racing game that really shows off some great scenery and graphics all around. Add simple controls and a different sort of racing experience that you don't see often and that about sums up this game.

The controls for this game go as follows. Use the up arrow key to accelerate and the left and right arrow keys to move your boat and the down arrow key is to decelerate your boat. Since you are in a boat, the actual driving may feel a bit different, so take some time to get used to the controls. See how you can react to not only your opponents, but also to the water itself, which won't be doing any favours for you in the race.

First off, the graphics in the game I have to say are superb. It looks like a lot of effort was made in this area.  Everything from the other boats, to the water, to even the environments, looks really great. It could even rival some commercial games in this area, so that was very nice to see. The actual gameplay itself is also manageable. The goal is to race around the track, while hitting the glowing orange circle areas, which are checkpoints; you have to hit every checkpoint in order for the next one to show up. Your opponents may seem skilled at first, but they are beatable. It just may take a few rounds to get used to them on the water. You have a choice of three boats at first to race but you can unlock more of them by winning races against your opponents so there is some incentive to shoot for.

The main issue though with this finely crafted game so far is there is only one track to race on. It's a large track though but only one that was sad to see. Although the game is continuing to be developed though so there is hope, we might be able to see more at a later time. There is no music as well in the game, a little bunch of tunes would have been nice, but thankfully, there is sound effects so not all is silent in this game.

This was a nice game to play and it definitely has promise to be even bigger. In addition, if you want some more challenge get a friend to play with you split-screen to see who is the better boater on the water. So check out Aquadelic and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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