Fabulous music & graphics
Quirky humor
Secret bonus puzzle
Waaay too short
Somewhat tedious interface





Replica Watches UKWelcome to the world of Pib replica watches uk, a down-on-his-luck wannabe magician-in-training. In Apprentice, you must guide young Pib to his destiny by collecting ingredients for his very first spell. A daunting task for a man of such short and stout stature, to be sure.

Replica WatchesThe puzzles in the game are rather clever and engaging and may cause even the most seasoned adventurer to bang his head on his desk out of frustration if he's not paying close enough attention to the in-game hints. Luckily, they are filled with tongue-in-cheek humor perfectly designed to diffuse the possible stress. In addition, the graphics and sound in Apprentice are simply fantastic, and it's not surprising, as the game has received many awards for these features. All Replica Watches come from UK online shop.

Fake WatchesUnfortunately, the menu interface is somewhat clumsy and tedious. There is no right-clicking to change actions, and you must constantly move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and wait for the action menu to appear in order to choose an action. However, the inventory system is still pretty clever.

Watches UKOther than that, the only downside is that this game is way too short. It ends abruptly, leaving you wanting more because it's just that good. And for you intrepid types, there is more, in the form of a secret bonus puzzle that is definitely worth scouring the game inside and out to find. And even the shortness of the game is somewhat allayed by the fact that Herculean Effort Productions has chosen to continue the series for those who are interested in continuing where Pib left off.

Replica UKIn general, this is an excellent adventure game which holds true to the spirit of the genre in every possible way. It's a must download for all you hardcore adventurers, so go get it!

Review by: Taikara

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