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Made by: Gamedigits
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Nice 3D graphics
Nice music
Not a long lasting game
Aimed at a young audience

Let me start by informing you that Afro Santa isn't a game that you'll be playing for long periods of time. Afro Santa is a nice novelty game that provides a bit of fun for those short periods of free time when you are bored. I would recommend playing this for a maximum of half an hour at any one time; so if you're looking for a game that will keep you occupied for a long period of time this isn't for you. For anybody who longs for a nice, quick and, most importantly, fun-filled 30 minute break to fill those times of absolute boredom this is a must-have game.

Afro Santa is a maze game at heart. The game has been dressed in lovely 3D graphics and has great sound, while the gameplay itself is very simple. Luckily for us, simple usually means fun. This time it's no different. Santa isn't around to deliver presents this year so you must help save Christmas! As Afro Santa you invade people's homes and collect presents that are scattered around the house. You must find the presents then sneak to the Christmas tree and leave them there to be eagerly received by those soon to awake. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Well it isn't. It seems that a few house inhabitants couldn't sleep and as a result have taken to walking around the halls that you must navigate. If you're seen by anybody a Christmas demon is spawned and begins to chase you around the level shooting at your red-and-white Santa bum! Never fear though, as your clever little self has brought a toy that you can use to defend yourself. If you're being pursued by the ghostlike demons that fly through the maze walls, you can either run and try to avoid them or turn and shoot them with an Afro Santa exclusive pistol zappy thing. The shooting aspect of the game is just as enjoyable as the stealth side, so you may find yourself deliberately running in front of â??guards' so that you get a chance to blast those little demons. The gameplay is simple, fun and enjoyable however it isn't a game that will last very long unless you're quite young. A great game for small children and quite a blast for those a little older as long as you don't play it too often!

The graphics in Afro Santa are very nice. They cannot compete with the likes of Halo or Half-Life 2 but they're nice to look at and are not something that stops you from enjoying the game. Levels are made up of nice simple rectangles and cubes that form hallways and rooms and are nicely textured to help draw you into the fun. The graphics are fully 3D but are slightly blocky. The texture work for some items found within the game is a little blurred but that doesn't stop them from being effective in creating an aesthetically pleasing playing environment.

The sound in Afro Santa is decent and, in conjunction with the lovely 3D graphics, really helps create a game that captures the essence of Christmas. The jingly little soundtrack that plays as you sneak or shoot your way through each maze works really well. The ghostly laughs and zapping sounds of your weapon are also top notch. Once again the sound is simple but effective.

The only downside to this game is that the simplistic gameplay, while fun at first, grows slightly tiresome after a while. That shouldn't discourage you from downloading and trying this great game, though. It's a fun experience and one that you shouldn't miss. Unless of course you're the Grinch and hate Christmas and everything related to it!


Review by: Sean

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4,8 MB
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Safe for all ages
Pentium III 650Mhz or faster
nVidia TnT2 Graphics card or better
DirectX compatible sound card
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