Adventure Escape Murder Manor Adventure Escape Murder Manor
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Adventure game!
Stylish graphics
A mansion to explore
Welcome back to the classic adventure game genre. Can you solve the murder and escape? In "Adventure Escape Murder Manor" Detective Kate Grey is invited to the famous Wickham Manor when her car breaks down outside. She is shocked to witness a murder occur before even dessert is served. Your goal is to crack the case and escape. If you get stuck on a clue, visit the Murder Manor walkthrough on App Help Guru.
The game features beautiful graphics bringing the luxurious but creepy manor to life. As you explore the manor, you gather tools and items to aid in your escape along the way. It also features a slightly hilarious story with memorable characters like Fontana, who is convinced she can see the future.
Ready for an adventure? Discover the secrets of luxurious yet mysterious Wickham Manor. Will more guests be murdered? Will you be able to solve the case and escape before it is too late? Give it a play!
Review by: Nick

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