Abes Amazing Adventure Abes Amazing Adventure
Made by: Gabor Torok
Website: http://abe.sourceforge.net/
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Focus on older platform games
Great music
Save feature
Controls a bit loose

Sometimes with games that are released nowadays, there is a tendency to revisit some of the games of the past. This is especially the case with this title, which revisits the platform games of the past where the premise was not to defeat the enemies in a level, but where you had to avoid them and any dangers and traps that were present as well. This is the main premise of this game, as you guide our hero Abe as he goes on a journey to rescue his friend who has managed to trap himself in a pyramid, of all things. With some great music and a pretty good challenge as well, and even a save feature to make things easier this is an all around different and enjoyable title.

As detailed in the menu, Abe is going to find his friend who is in a pyramid, thus allowing Abe to explore it. As you can imagine it is a big pyramid with enemies present, fulfilling the platform cliché of enemies somehow getting into this area, but how they got there is the real mystery. But we won’t dwell on that.

Controls are fairly straightforward. Move with the arrow keys, jump with the space bar and avoid enemies. You have to collect keys to advance further into the pyramid. Who would have thought about locked doors in a pyramid? But however they got locked, you have to unlock them. You can also collect balloons that you can activate with the enter key that will allow you to float and control which direction you want to go, thus reaching areas which you might not be able to reach by jumping or by conventional means.

Graphically the game is presented with a cartoon sort of look, and even our hero seems a bit big on screen. Nevertheless the game looks pretty good and lots of detail went into the graphics; from the different environments, to the enemies and traps you encounter. They are all very clear so you know what a ghost looks like and you know what spears in the floor look like before you have to get past them. This is critical because sometimes you can’t make out an obstacle before it’s too late. The music in the game also is pretty good. It is a bit bouncy but what would you expect in this sort of game? It doesn’t distract and that’s the point, so it adds to the whole experience. The overall challenge is not too hard and frustrating thankfully, but what makes it even easier is that scattered throughout the pyramid are save points you can activate so if your character perishes they will restart from that point, which is very useful.

The controls are a bit loose I thought, especially when jumping and avoiding traps, so it may take some time to get used to. But overall most of the controls are pretty stellar.

If you want to try your hand out on this take on the old platform games of the past, then this game fits very nicely and overall is a great game for fans of the genre. So check out Abe’s Amazing Adventure and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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