Abducted 10 Minutes Abducted 10 Minutes
Made by: AussieSoftTM
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Interesting story
Suspenseful feeling
Time limit concept
So-So Graphics
Hard to do certain actions

Time is ticking for you, as you must go forth to save your daughter from a group of terrorists; you may have foiled them in 1974, but now they are back to get even with you. To get revenge for putting them behind bars, they have taken your daughter hostage. The police are assembling a team to help rescue her, but you, as Detective Michael Ebb, are going to go yourself and rescue your daughter, but you only have 10 minutes to do so - can you do it?

In Abducted: 10 Minutes!!! you must save your daughter from the danger of these terrorists; not only that, but you're running on a time limit, yes that's right - to make it even more tense for the player, the game requires you to rescue her within 10 minutes. The pressure is on right away for you to perform and to get going. Overall, the game is done pretty well, the story brings you in right away and the added pressure of being on a time limit in this adventure game just makes the feeling even more suspenseful. Time ticks away as you walk through the world, and it only stops for you when you engage in conversations with someone. (just when you have to pick what you want to say, once you do the time starts up again).

Graphics in the game are okay, they are nothing special, but they do the job effectively, nothing fancy, but occasionally it may be hard to identify a certain object. For instance, in the beginning of the game, the color of your wallet is hard to make out as the interface is black and so is your wallet. Also, it can be annoying to interact with certain objects in the environment, as you may be clicking all around an object before you finally get the action you want to do. Note: near the end of the game I finally noticed that each action has a small little tiny white pixel. Designer replica watches wholesale online. That is the key to interacting with an object properly; I was glad to find it but still may be frustrating for gamers at times, especially with the time limit in effect.

Despite its problems, the game does an effective job of putting you into the role of a detective as you try to save your daughter and foil the terrorists, all the while picking up the clues and doing it in under 10 minutes, which makes the experience much more realistic. So if you're looking for an adventure game with action, suspense and just an interesting experience all around, check out Abducted: 10 Minutes!!!

Review by: DeathDude

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Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Blood, language, violent scenes
Safe for ages: 15+
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