6 Days a Sacrifice 6 Days a Sacrifice
Made by: Yahtzee
Website: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/6days/
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Excellent story
Ties up loose ends from 5 days
Fantastic Music

For many fans of the 5 Days series, that includes the games 5 Days A Stranger, 7 Days A Skeptic and Trilby’s notes, many clamored and begged for another game in the series, perhaps something to finish off the events of what had occurred in these games, or least bring to closure some questions about certain characters in the game. Well Yahtzee, the developer of this acclaimed series not only came through with bringing this sort of game to light, but he also has made the best game of the series to date. In 6 Days a Sacrifice, all the events that have taken place in the games prior to this one, will become clear, and yet, there is still another adventure to play through.  This adventure introduces a new character to the mix, and yet retains that classic feel from the series, as you explore this new area. With a superb story, fantastic and creepy music, and it ties up any loose ends or questions you may have on the series, this is the highlight of this long running game series and yet it’s still sad to see it end like this.

Note though, if you have not played any of the former games, 5 Days A Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic or Trilby’s Notes, I highly advise that you play all 3 games, as you will be lost and wondering what is going on, as this game draws heavily on those games for reference. If you have played all of the games, then you’re ready to go. The game begins with a new character, Theo DaCabe. Theo, a building inspector, has come to the headquarters of a new cult that specializes in the religion of “Optimology.” He soon meets with a member of the cult, and asks if he can look around the building, to ensure that the group is not building past the regular zoning area. Nervous, the member leads Theo to an elevator and before Theo can react, he is falling down the shaft. He wakes up later, quite injured, but alive.  Two characters are talking nearby, a doctor and a familiar looking individual.

The game looks even more polished this time around.  While this is the last game in the series, if you go back and compare the earlier games with this one, you will see what I mean. The environments, characters, they all look excellent in the game. More polished, and just as you play on the game, and see what happens, with some of the events that take place, you will understand more what I mean.

The lingering questions that remained after each of these games in the series are addressed in greater detail and this should please many fans who wanted to know more about some of the events that happened. Most of them occur in either flash back sequences or usually through cut scenes or dialogue, so you have to pay attention at times, when things are going on. It does explain many aspects from the earlier games, and it does get you thinking as well, as Yahtzee does leave certain ideas open to interpretation, which is also a nice touch.

Even with the introduction of Theo, and several more new characters, as you explore this new area you really get that sense of being trapped.  As the events unfold, they do so nicely and orderly.  It does not seem that the events are rushed in most cases, and you get that sense of having to really examine and think your way through different situations, especially in the later parts of the game. http://www.adweb-ts.com/

The music is just amazing this time around, and while the music of the series has always been strong, I found that this time around it was executed perfectly. The sinister and creepy feeling you would imagine wandering around such an isolated area, is ever present and the tracks each have their own style of conveying the different emotions. The creepy vibe and just the way the tracks are arranged fit in perfectly with the action on screen. Other areas of sound, such as sound effects are also executed at the right times.

Other than a couple of times where perhaps the story felt a bit rushed in a few cases, that I will not mention so not to spoil the game, this is with out a doubt the best game in the series.  If you’re a fan of the series, you have to play this one, so you can finally find out what happens in the end. The game is gripping and it holds your attention, which it did for me and I could not stop playing till I finished it.

So do yourself a favor and play 6 Days a Sacrifice and see the final saga of the final game in the series and take a moment to remember this great series in this fitting conclusion to such a memorable series.




Yatzee has now released a Special Edition for this game, free of charge.  The Special Edition includes audio commentary, soundtrack with composer notes, expanded ending sequence, and Ministry of Occultism classified files.  You can download it from the same page as the regular version. 

Review by: DeathDude

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